Have Fun Woodworking

You should really have fun woodworking. As someone that is passionate about woodworking, I believe that if you aren’t having fun, then you are doing it wrong. I have also learned from experience that when woodworking gets frustrating, it’s typically because I either missed an important step, or I overlooked something.

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Have Fun Woodworking

have fun woodworkingFrom time to time, you may not have fun woodworking. I find that when this happens, it’s because I am struggling with a certain step or operation. It happens most often near the end of a project, and sometime it has to do with patience.

I can remember struggling to get a wooden frame to line up well, and it was a constant fight. I had forgotten that my miter saw is a little off on the 45 degree setting, and in a rush I cut the boards wrong. Once I figured it out, I cut the ends again with the adjustment on the saw, and they came out fine.

In order to have fun woodworking, you need to make sure that you are not rushing. Rushing leads to skipped steps, forgotten settings, and a frustrating project. That’s not the way to enjoy the process. If you slow down a little, you will complete each step better. If you complete each step better, you have an easier time later in the process. This ease of working will actually save you time in the long run. There will be less fills, less touching up, and less sanding.

If you do become frustrated, step away for a while. Even if this means getting something to eat, or just sitting down for a little while, it will help. Staring at the same thing for a long time can ruin your perception of whats going on. Getting away and clearing your head will many times reveal an easy solution when you get back into the shop.

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