Handmade Wooden Ring

This is one of my favorite rings. The process included wood lamination, wood veneer, and paying attention to the grain direction. When all of these processes were used to create the ring, it made the look far better than with one alone.

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Designing a Laminated Handmade Ring

handmade wooden ringWhen laminating wood, look for beauty in how the pieces go together. It’s not just about the color. If you look at all aspects of the pieces you are working with, you can create more than you think.

I have already explained the importance of utilizing grain direction, but you can see the difference in this ring. The center piece of Padauk has the grain running vertically, while the others are running horizontally.  This small change makes a big difference in the look.

There are tons of wood species to choose from when creating a handmade wooden ring. They come in every color, pattern, and look. The problem is that every woodworker in the world knows about them. In order to stand out from the crowd you have to look at things like grain direction and other techniques to maximize the materials you have. Don’t settle for color alone. Find more ways to make your rings stand out. Another great way to add depth to a handmade wooden ring is to use veneer.

A handmade wooden ring with wood veneer:

Wood veneer comes in almost every species. The pieces are very thin, and flexible. As accents and added layers of color, they do a great job at making your ring more interesting than without. In this ring, I use a piece of Birch Veneer against the Zebra Wood, and a piece of Walnut Veneer against the Padauk center. They add a fine white line to border the Zebra Wood, and a darker line to frame in the Padauk.

Using wood lamination, grain direction, and veneer, this ring came out nicely. Had this been a simple lamination of Zebra Wood and Padauk, it would have still looked nice, but it would have been flat. Anyone can glue pieces of wood together. To make your rings really pop, look for other ways to showcase the wood like grain direction and veneer layers.

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