Guitar Making Tip No. 92

Guitar Making Tip No. 92 is about making changes to the build. While experimentation is something that you will naturally do as you make more guitars, the way you experiment is also important. Here is how you can experiment and keep your sanity.

Making Changes on the Guitar

guitar making tip number 92Everyone makes changes to their builds. It’s how they make it their own, and it’s how you learn about how the guitar works.

Experimentation is also how most of the now common building techniques were discovered. It was through taking chances, and making changes that caused the guitar to take the form that it has today.

Several hundred years from now, the guitar may look different from how it looks today. It may be built differently, and it may have a shape that we would consider unfamiliar.

As you experiment, it will do something extremely valuable for you. It will teach you how the guitar works. You will learn what changes do to the sound, and you will learn how to manipulate them to create the instrument that you want to create. Just make sure to do this one very important thing…

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Don’t Experiment With Too Many Things at Once

That is worth repeating. Don’t Experiment with Too Many Things at Once. As you build, make one or two changes (preferably one) and see what it does. This boils down to basic scientific principles. If you change too many things at once, it can make things more difficult.

Changing several things at once causes you to not know why you are getting a certain result in your sound. If you change ten things and you have a great sounding guitar, you really have no way to determine what made the difference.

The great sound could be coming from one of the ten changes, all of the ten, a combination of the ten, or none of the ten. If you happen to land on the greatest sounding guitar in the world, you will have no way to articulate what you actually did to produce the sound.

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Don’t Pave the Entire Road Yourself

For anything new, there is a certain amount of research that has already been done. If you are looking to make a change, see what has already been done first. This way, you can take advantage of the experiments that have already been done.

If you start by learning what others have done successfully (and not successfully) you can use that as a base of knowledge. There is no reason for you to waste time building a guitar the same way that someone else already has while testing out the same thing.

There is already data out there on deeper sides, soundhole changes, body shape changes, and bracing changes. Before you take any of these things to the next level for yourself, find out what level the building community is already on. Then, take your step from there. You will be farther ahead from the start, and you will not spend time discovering what has already been discovered.

1,001 Acoustic Guitar Making Tips for Beginners

Tip No. 92 is from my book, 1,001 Acoustic Guitar Making Tips for Beginners, which has a thousand more great tips to get your first few builds on the right track. There is no secret to guitar making, just a lot of small things that you need to get right. These tips will help you.

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