Guitar Making Tip No. 816 – Unplug Tools Before Performing Service

Guitar Making Tip No. 816 is about unplugging your tools before you change blades or performing service on them. This is very important, and is a safety guideline that all tool makers insist upon when you use their tools. This will keep you keep making guitars longer.

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Changing Tool Blades

guitar-making-tip-numner-816-unplug-your-tools-before-you-perform-service-or-change-blades-guitar-making-tipsThe most common time that you will encounter this issue is when you need to change a blade. So many people just change the blade with the saw plugged in, and it’s a shame because you never know what can happen.

It’s not as much about accidentally having the tool power up for some reason, it’s about not being so close to the blade when the machine could accidentally be turned on. You can easily catch on a switch, or just turn the machine on from muscle memory.

Turning the machine on by mistake, or not thinking and getting too close when you are changing blades is a bad deal, but you only have to do one little thing to protect yourself…

Unplug Your Tools During Service

It’s so simple, but all you need to do is unplug your tools during service. It’s almost as easy as safety glasses, but so many people just don’t do it. Literally, all you need to do is unplug the machine, and you will be much safer.

There are some tools that require a bot more than simply unplugging, and they explain the process for making the tool safe in the users manual. Whatever the took maker says you need to do, that’s what you should be doing.

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The process starts with unplugging the tool, and that typically is the end of it. If you accidentally hit a switch, or get stuck on something, you don’t have to worry about it turning on the tool, which means a less stressful time in the shop.

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Get to Know Your Tools

One way too really be safe about your tools is to get to know them. So often in the beginning we all want to play with our new tools right away. This is common, but it is also a bad idea because you really don’t know about them yet.

This is there the users manual comes in. When you get a new tool, look through the users manual and see what you need to know before turning it on. You will also find out what you need to do to turn it completely off for blade changes and service.

The manual is the perfect way to learn about the tool, because everything you need to know will be inside. The manufacturer wants to keep you safe, so they make sure to include everything in the manual that they can to make sure you stay a woodworker for a long time.

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Your Homework

If you are one of the people that does not turn off and unplug your tools, start today, and adopt a safety first mindset in your shop. You never know when you will make a big mistake, or have an accident. And it can happen any time.

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Since accidents are by nature something that you don’t plan for and something that you can’t see coming when it does, you need to take steps to minimize the impact. Turning off and unplugging any tool before a blade change or service issue is just one way.

This is a very simple habit, and you can make a big difference in how safe you are around your tools just by unplugging them. If you can’t bring yourself to do something so easy, how can you expect yourself to do anything more?

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Guitar Making Tip No. 816 Wrap-Up

Guitar Making Tip Number 816 is about unplugging your tools before you make any adjustments that bring you near the blade. This is both to ensure a good servicing or blade change, and to keep your hands safe.

You never know when a machine can turn on by accident, and since you can’t plan for an accident, you need to take steps to reduce the effects. If you flip a switch to the on position accidentally, unplugging the tool takes away the power, and makes you safer.

This is a super simple guideline that nearly all manufacturers ask for in their manuals. When you are going to change a bade, or service a machine in your shop, turn it off and disconnect the power. This will go a long way towards making you safe.

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