Guitar Making Tip No. 752

Guitar Making Tip Number 752 is about rosettes. When you are new to making a guitar, don’t feel bad about buying a pre-made rosette. Some of these are truly works of art, and you can make your guitar look amazing by installing one. Here is how.

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Rosettes Can Be Difficult as a Beginner

guitar making tip number 752In the beginning, the rosette can be a difficult job. The most basic guitars have concentric rings, or something really simple. That’s on the easier side, but sometimes lacks the same pop as a really elaborate design.

As a beginner, making a rosette from tiny pieces of wood or from sticks is tough. In fact, the process of making rosettes is almost another skill entirely.

Many master rosette makers do nothing but make detailed mosaic rosettes in giant logs. The logs are then cut down, and the slices are sold for guitar makers to inlay.

In the beginning, there is no reason why you should not choose a store bought rosette for your guitar. It will save time making the rosette yourself, and you will get to create a far more interesting look without the hassle.

Finding Rosettes and Deciding on a Look

Most online guitar making suppliers sell rosettes. They also tend to carry several. The types are vast, but the sizes are all about the same. Most guitars have about a four inch sound hole opening, so most rosettes will be around that size.

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The first thing to do is decide on the type. Solid rosettes are great looking. In a contrasting species, they can really liven up a soundboard. Another thing that many people love are mosaic rosettes. These are made from tiny pieces of wood, and the dots make a picture.

Finally, you can find tile rosettes that are made from matching tiles around a circle to form a repeating pattern. These are beautiful too, and can be inlaid like any other rosette.

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Inlaying the Rosette

The process for inlaying the rosette is about the same whether you buy or make the piece. A cavity needs to be excavated with a Dremel tool, router, or chisels, and the rosette inlay glued into place.

The easiest way to accomplish the task is to measure and then use a Dremel and a circle cutting jig to make the cavity. Once you have your measurements, you can test fit the rosette until you have a nice fit.

A nice fit means that it drops in without needing too much assistance. If you have to force the rosette in place, then you need to make another thin pass to widen the cavity. The fit should press right in, and the glue will help fill any hairline gaps.

Guitar Making Tip No. 752 Wrap-Up

Save yourself some stress in the beginning by looking for a pre-made rosette. Not only can you benefit from the fine craftsmanship of a nice rosette, but your guitar will look better than if you try something elaborate yourself and miss.

Decide on a style, and look around for the one you like. Check out places online that make rosettes, and guitar making supply stores. Both of these places will have enough stock for you to look through and decide.

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