Guitar Making Tip No. 733

Guitar Making Tip Number 733 is about getting help from the woodworking store. In most wood stores, they have machinery in the back. In most cases, they will make a few cuts for you for a price. This is great for the new guitar maker, and here is why.

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Getting Help as a Beginner

guitar making tip number 733As a beginner, it can be hard to find access to all the tools that you will need to make a guitar. Especially if you are brand new, and have nothing, finding the tools can be a real challenge.

This is where the wood store and the woodworking store come in handy. A wood store will typically have machinery in the back that they use to cut and prep their materials for sale.

A good store will also let their customers know what they have, and how much a cut or a pass will cost.

In the event that you need access to a larger saw, or a thickness sander, working with the wood store is helpful. I recommend that you do at least this one thing though before you count on getting help from your local store…

Visit the Store Before You Need Their Help

One of the best ways to make sure that you are going to have resources when you need them is to check those boxes before you start. Take a trip down to the wood store and see what can be done in that location.

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Ask them what kinds of tools they have, and what they can do. Find out the prices per pass or cut, and get that all figured out before you head down there with a pile of wood. The hours that the mill operates is good to know too, especially if it’s a long ride.

Once armed with that information, you are in a much better position to make building decisions down the road. Knowing what you need to buy or find in addition to what you have access to will help determine the course of your build.

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Save Money While You Use Their Machines

While you are using the bigger machines from a wood store, be sure to start saving. There are smaller versions that anyone can afford if they save, and you may just need one if you really decide to make a lot of guitars.

One of the best investments is a thickness planer. When you can plane wood yourself, you don’t have to buy wood that has already been thinned into guitar making blanks. A piece of Mahogany large enough to make a back and sides will cost much less when you mill the pieces yourself from a piece of lumber.

Also, a band saw that has a larger re-saw capacity can help you fillet open pieces of wood that you can flatten on your planer. These bigger tools do have more of a price tag than your average power tool, but they are versatile, useful, and can help you make guitars for less.

Guitar Making Tip No. 733 Wrap-Up

Look around at the woodworking store and the hardwood store and see if they have some larger tools that they do mill work with. Many times, they can help you make some of the bigger cuts that can get you over a sticky spot until you buy more tools.

Don’t feel bad about getting some help. Even though you don’t own the tools, and are not making the cuts yourself, you are still making a guitar. Anyone can feed a piece of wood into a thickness sander. Don’t feel bad about that at all.

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If you have any questions about Guitar Making Tip No. 733, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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