Guitar Making Tip No. 59

Guitar Making Tip No. 59 is about the places on the guitar that you can customize without worrying about changing the way the guitar functions. As a new guitar maker, sometimes it’s a little scary not knowing where you can have a little fun. Thankfully, there are several places.

Custom Designs for Beginners

guitar making tip number 59

Everyone wants to put their own touch on their handmade guitar. This is only natural, and is something that should be encouraged.

After all, who wants to get to the end of a build and have a guitar that looks like it came off a store shelf? Me neither.

Adding custom elements to a build is something that all guitar makers will do, but you need to be careful what you do and where. If you heavily modify an area that really has an effect on tone, you can easliy mess things up if you are not careful.

Thankfully, there are many places that you can have fun with and not change your tone at all. This allows you to flex a little of your woodworking muscles and showcase some skill. Here are the safe places…

1001 acoustic guitar making tips book tips for making an acoustic guitar

Safe Places to Show Your Skill

I wrote an entire post about the 25 Simple Ways to Customize Your Guitar Without Altering the Tone, and it will lay out the individual places for you in an easy to follow format. You can read through the post and find a few places that you want to add custom elements.

It’s very important not to shoot for all 25 on the first round. The list is meant to show several areas, and give lots of ideas. It would be a miserably long build if you did absolutely every single thing. Especially for a beginner.

Select a couple areas that you really want to show in your build, and work them into the design. Don’t bite off too much, and you will enjoy the process.

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1,001 Acoustic Guitar Making Tips for Beginners

Tip No. 59 is from my book, 1,001 Acoustic Guitar Making Tips for Beginners, which has a thousand more great tips to get your first few builds on the right track. There is no secret to guitar making, just a lot of small things that you need to get right. These tips will help you.

If you have any questions about Guitar Making Tip No. 59, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Also, please Subscribe so that you don’t miss out on anything new. Happy building.


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