Guitar Making Tip No. 57

Guitar Making Tip No. 57 is what I like to call the secret to guitar making. There really is no magic bullet or secret formula to making a guitar. It’s not about getting a few big things right as much as it is about getting lots of small things right. Here is how.

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Guitar Making is a Long Process

guitar making tip number 57Making a guitar takes time. It’s a long process. That being said, it’s also a process that anyone with some patience and dedication can complete.

The bad news is that you are not going to rush into the garage and make a guitar over the weekend. You are also most likely not going to make a world changing guitar on the first try.

The good news is that most of the steps are easy enough to complete that you can get through them even as a beginner.

All of the steps in guitar making are small, and if you break them down well, you can be successful. This is where following a good book, taking your time, and doing things one step at a time make a huge difference in the build.

It’s really more about doing a lot of little things well than doing any one large thing well.

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Anyone Can Learn to Make a Guitar

The guitar itself is made by completing steps. Each step is small. If you can restrain yourself to focusing on the one step that you are working on, you will eventually end up with a guitar at the end.

Guitar making at the most basic level is more about patience than skill. A patient person can pick up the skills it takes to put together a guitar.

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The real high end skill of crafting a tremendous instrument comes much later in the practice. In the beginning, it’s really more about patience, and completing small steps.

This is how you go from a large pile of wood to a guitar. You focus on the small step that you are working on, and you only go to the next when you are finished.

The Secret to Guitar Making

I wrote another post called The Secret to Guitar Making that explains this concept in more detail. It should come as a huge relief to any new builder that there are no magic bullets in guitar making. It’s a process that anyone can do.

Spend time working on the step, and don’t worry about the next one. When you complete a step, see what’s coming next, and make a decision to start or research more. If you encounter something that you don’t know how to do, look it up first.

Odds are that there is an article (or a hundred articles) online that cover the problem you are having. Find a few of those, read them, and get yourself through the sticky point.

I answer emails all the time from readers, and I always do my best to help. I’m sure there are plenty more people out there just like me too.

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