Guitar Making Tip No. 46

Guitar Making Tip No. 46 is about the quality and patience of the guitar maker. Nothing else will determine the success of the build better than the person doing the work. The materials, plans, books, and tools you use are nothing compared to you. Here is why.

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You Set the Standard for Your Guitar

guitar making tip number 46Patience and the willingness to stop and learn when you encounter an information gap are going to be the keys to success for your guitar. It’s all in you to decide if you are going to have a good build or not.

A great builder can take wood from a pallet and produce a great sounding guitar. This has in fact been done before by several companies. They took the boards from their shipping pallets and made guitars that sounded excellent.

This was done by those companies to prove a point, that the materials you use have little effect on the guitar when compared to the maker of that guitar. This holds true for new builders as well. The nice thing is that you have the ability to overcome the lack of information as a beginner. You can do this one thing and be far more successful than most beginner guitar makers…

Be Patient and Learn When You Need To

If you can be patient, and learn when you need to, you can make a really nice guitar. You will need to have the restraint to stop when you need help. Once you find it, then you can apply it to the guitar and keep moving forward.

The difference for most people is how many stoppages like this you can weather before you just power through to the end without worrying about the consequences. If you can stop yourself and take time to learn, you will do just fine.

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When you encounter a rough patch, take a break. Think about the process, and do a little searching for a solution. Once you find what you are looking for, go back into the shop and put that knowledge into practice.

You Control the Materials

In Guitar Making Tip No. 45 I wrote about how the wood you buy it not necessarily good or bad based on the price. This ties into that post, because you really do have more control over the outcome than anything else.

acoustic guitar making how to make tools templates and jigs book beginner book for new guitar makers

If you buy the best materials, it will not guarantee a good guitar. If you buy the cheapest materials, it does not guarantee a bad guitar. The secret is to have faith in yourself and execute each step the best you can.

If you commit to taking your time on the first build, you can almost guarantee yourself a guitar that you will be proud of. Don’t worry, just be patient and know that you are the master of the materials. Not the other way around.

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