Guitar Making Tip No. 34

Guitar making tip number 34 is about joining an online forum. There are a number of great forums available to join that are filled with guitar makers. Some of these people are new, and some are very experienced. There are a lot of advantages to joining a forum, and here is why you should take a look.

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Join a Guitar Making Forum

guitar making tip number 34 online guitar making forumForums are loaded with great information. They are also loaded with great people that can give you nearly instant feedback on your questions. If you spend time helping people, you will receive the same help in most cases from the members of the forum.

Online forums and facebook groups are still popular with craftspeople and they can have many members that all share similar interests. If you frequent one of these groups, you can end up making many great connections with fellow luthiers.

One of the best things about a forum is that you can read through all the old threads and see what people have been talking about. This can help you as a new builder because you will get to see real interactions and discussion about different aspects of the build. This will really help you because…

These are Real Guitar Makers in the Forums

The people inside forums for the most part are real makers. The fakes get weeded out really quickly when they can’t answer simple questions and they get terminology wrong when trying to solve problems for someone else.

If you are new to guitar making, make sure to say so. This way, you can get the benefits of the community interaction without worrying about someone thinking you are not experienced enough to help. Even beginners are encouraged to help. It’s the obvious fakers that end up being kicked out.

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The real makers are the best because they have been through what you are going through and they have solutions. They have experience, and they share it. This is a huge benefit of working withing a community.

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Reading the Archives and Pulling Back the Curtain

One of the most interesting parts of reading and participating in a forum for me has always been reading the archives. You can really learn about a concept when you read through the past discussions. You get to see different points of view, and analyze the information.

There are going to be times when the discussion veers off into some other place, or is dominated by an idiot. That just happens sometimes, and you will have to skip through that kind of stuff. There are sometimes “internet police” types that enjoy arguing even though it doesn’t contribute to the success of thread. Again, skip through that and find the meat of the argument.

I recommend starting at the oldest material and reading threads from start to finish. These are a wealth of guitar making information. You can almost build a guitar from the information that you find in the old threads. Stock pile this free teaching, and you will be more informed when you make your guitars.

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