Guitar Making Tip No. 2

Guitar Making Tip No. 2 is about choosing a design for your first guitar. It can be tempting to go for a wild design on the first round. If you are making an acoustic guitar, going with a classic design can be a life saver. Here is why.

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Making a Classic Design for Your Guitar

guitar making tip number 2Building a guitar is by itself a long and detailed task. When you consider all the things you will learn, do, and discover, it is really a remarkable undertaking.

That being said, there is no reason to compound the matter by trying to make a Picasso style guitar on round one.

Sometimes the exuberance of the beginner overtakes common sense, and before you know it a big project becomes a huge project. I want to encourage you to dream, but to also lay a good foundation first.

There are a number of reasons to go with a classic design on the first guitar. Not only are you working with something that has been established, has a track record, and is common, you are also doing yourself a big favor that may not seem super obvious right away…

Books on Wild Guitar Designs Don’t Exist

If you decide to make a wild looking guitar shape, you are going to be most likely on your own the entire time. There are no books that I am aware of that will show you how to brace a very interesting guitar so that it sounds good, or how to thickness the plates, set the neck angle, etc.

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When you color too far outside the lines you are going alone most of the time. After you make a few guitars you will be able to do these things pretty well, and can work on a guitar like this. However, in the beginning you want to have a guide.

Follow a good book for your first guitar. My Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Making Books shows you the books that I used to teach myself about guitar making. Any of these are a great resource, and you will execute a classic design in an easy to follow manner.

acoustic guitar making how to make tools templates and jigs book beginner book for new guitar makers

Don’t Go Alone on Your First Guitar

This is going to be a journey. It’s a journey that you can do…you just need to make sure that you are not going alone. When you choose a classic design like a Dreadnought, Orchestra Model, or Jumbo, you are setting yourself up for success right away.

Classic shapes are classics for a reason. They have stood the test of time and won the battle. They are great sounding, appeal to a large number of players, and are a great representation of guitar making.

This is why the major guitar making books are written with these styles. They start you off with a solid design, and then you take it from there.

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