Guitar Making Tip No. 12 – Take a Class

Guitar Making Tip No. 12 is called take a class. One of the best ways to jump start your development as a guitar maker and a woodworker is to take a class. Learning from someone in a live environment gives you lost of opportunities that self study does not. Here is why.

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Guitar Making and Woodworking Classes

guitar making tip number 12Classes are awesome. When you finally get to choose what you want to learn and take the classes you want to take, education feels a lot different.

I remember in college that it always felt like I was learning what someone else wanted me to learn. The process was not fun, and even though I chose my major, the classes never seemed to be that much more interesting.

Self study is great, and a lot of guitar makers do all the learning themselves. In the beginning, it can be quite a bit. If you want a bit of a kick start, taking a class will do that.

If you know nothing about woodworking, making a guitar might be tough. However, you can take a class and learn some of the basics. This will make you a better woodworker, and in turn make you a better guitar maker too. Here is what you do…

Find a Local Woodworking Class

Most local woodworking stores offer classes. They will range in scope, and the tools used, but you can definitely benefit from a class. Pick one that uses the same tools that you will use as a guitar maker, and you will learn more about both.

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Start by stopping into a woodworking store or a hardwood store. Ask about their classes, and see if they have a list you can take with you. Look through the list, and see what classes are of the most interest to you.

Even if the nature of the class has little to do with guitar making, just working with wood in the beginning is helpful. The medium itself is unique, and working with wood will help you in other areas when the time comes.

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Crawl Before You Walk as a Guitar Maker

If you can lay down some foundation, it will benefit you as a guitar maker. Nobody likes to think of themselves as a beginner. This is the wrong way to operate, because you can give yourself a big boost when you start from the beginning.

Like most things, woodworking tends to build upon itself. What you lay down in the beginning tends to become a pillar that sets your direction. If you pick out a strong pillar, you can ensure that the direction you go will be strong as well.

Before you start a guitar as a new woodworker, learn a bit about woodworking. This way, you won’t fall out of love with guitar making because you think it’s too hard. It may just be that you are not that experienced in woodworking, which is something you can fix.

Guitar Making Tip No. 12 Wrap-Up

As a new guitar maker, you can really benefit from taking a class. Classes on woodworking can be found in a number of places, but the easiest is in your local town. There are lots of woodworking stores that offer classes, and they can help you learn.

Pick out a beginner class that fits your skills and interests, and take it. Spend some time enjoying being a beginner, and set yourself a good foundation. With that strong base, you can build upon the knowledge and make yourself a better guitar maker and woodworker at the very same time.

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If you have any questions on Guitar Making Tip No. 12 – Take a Class, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. happy building.

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