Guitar Making Tip No. 101 – Become a Student of Guitar Making

Guitar Making Tip Number 101 is become a student of guitar making. In the beginning, you will not be able to spend all of your time in the shop. In the between times, you can still feed your interest in making guitars by learning about the guitar making process. Here is how.

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Guitar Making Tips and Becoming a Student of Guitar Making

guitar making tip number 101One of the best ways to keep your guitar making fires fed is to become a student. This means doing everything you can in your down time to learn about guitar making.

At first, you are going to be super interested in guitar making, and you will want to spend every waking moment working on your guitar. However, with life, work, kids, and school, you may not always have the time.

You can advance your guitar making knowledge by simply using those down times to add to your guitar making arsenal.

There are several ways to do this, and they are all much easier than you might think. Depending on where you are when you have down time, you can break out one or more of these methods and keep on learning. Here is what you need to do…

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Books and Being a Student of Guitar Making

I love books, and I read tons of them. When you want to become a student of guitar making, all you need to start is a good book. If you need a little help picking out one of the best books, my Top 5 Guitar Making Books can help.

Once you have a good book, or three, make it a habit to bring the book with you. When you have down time at work (off the clock of course), at school, or anywhere else, you can pull out your book instead of pulling out your phone.

When you read the book, you will gain guitar making knowledge. This is far better than playing another game on your phone, or liking another funny video on Facebook. While those distractions have their time and place, they are not as productive to your development.

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Watch Videos on Making Guitars

In the beginning, everything you absorb is going to be an explosion of information. Videos are no exception. There are many great guitar makers online that enjoy posting videos of what they do. It’s a way to learn, the the makers are fun to watch.

I have a ton of videos myself on the Six Gun Guitars Youtube Channel that you can take a look at. They are all about making guitars, and they were fun to make. I have since combined all of my woodworking under one name, so I don’t use Six Gun Guitars anymore, but I leave the videos because people really like them.

If you are in a place where you can watch a video, simply go to Youtube and search for guitar making. You will find thousands of videos on the topic, and more content than you could ever watch. You will learn a lot about making guitars in the process too.

Read Guitar Making Tips Online

Today, nearly everyone has a cell phone with them at all times. When you read tips on a website from your phone, you can take guitar making information with you and not really ever have to carry anything extra. This makes the learning process as easy as possible.

There are tons of great sites online that share Guitar Making Tips. Mine is only one example, and while I would love you to spend hours and hours on my site, there are other great places to visit too. Search around and bookmark a few sites that you like, and you can read them when you have breaks in the day.

When you have the sites saved to your phone, any time you have a quick break, some down time, or just feel like reading, you can start learning quickly. With so much information right in your pocket, it’s amazing that so few people take advantage of the free education.

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Follow an Online Guitar Making Forum

Forums are awesome. There are still several good forums online that cover many different subjects. A forum is an online gathering of people that help each other with the hobby that they are interested in pursuing.

Search for a guitar making forum, and pull up the archives. Start reading the threads and see what you can learn. Many times, forums are very educational because you see answers to real questions that people have during the build.

If you have questions, you can ask them. If you need help, you can search the forum for the answer. For the acoustic guitar making student, simply reading the conversations will fill you with knowledge and inspiration.

Become a Student of Guitar Making – Wrap Up

In the beginning you are going to be very excited about guitar making. So much that you will not have enough shop time to satisfy your interest. If you become a student of guitar making, you can use that fire to increase your guitar making knowledge.

There are several sources to learn from, and you will surely find one or a few that meet your needs. You can read books, watch videos, read tips, or follow a forum. All of these methods will allow you to soak up a ton of guitar making knowledge in your down time.

If you have any questions on Guitar Making Tip No. 101 – Become a Student of Woodworking, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer you. Happy building.

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