Guitar Making Tip No. 1

Guitar Making Tip No. 1 is about your very first build. Don’t let the first build overwhelm you to the point where you decide not to start. Like anything new, the first acoustic guitar is going to be where the most learning takes place. Here is why you shouldn’t worry.

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Every Hobby Seems Bigger in the Beginning

guitar making tip number 1You are new. Congratulations. This gives you the ability to learn, make mistakes, and have freedom from deadlines. For those reasons and many more, you should not worry at all.

A new hobby, especially making an instrument, is a really big undertaking. However, it’s still a hobby. Nobody is going to suffer if it takes you a long time to make your guitar. The world will still turn, and there will be no real consequence.

Also, the beginning of anything is the time when the most fear and worry set in. It’s more about the unknown than anything else. People actually worry if there is a part of the process near the end of the build that they will not be able to do, and they will have to scrap their build. This is not sensible, and a completely wasted fear.

Even if there was such an operation, there would be plenty of people in your area that you could pay to show you, or even pay to do it themselves. Here is what you should really worry about…

You Can Fret So Much You Never Start

Worry is a killer. It destroys creativity, erases dreams, and prevents people from doing things that could be life changing for them. The real risk in worrying about the build is in not starting it at all.

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Some woodworkers have told me that they never started their guitar because they were worried about everything they would have to figure out along the way. They thought it was just too much, and never started. Some of them even played guitar!

Things like that make me crazy. Especially after having the experience of playing my first acoustic guitar. There is nothing like playing something you made. It’s an experience that very few will ever enjoy. Letting worry stop you from what could be a lifelong hobby is what you should really be worrying about.

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Flip that worry around and start thinking if you are robbing yourself from what may have been a lifelong passion. Making instruments is addicting. Once you get through your first build, you will already be planning the next. Don’t worry, you can do it.

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