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I love woodworking tips. Especially free woodworking tips. The great thing about tips and ideas is that you can see a large amount of information in an easy to digest format. This helps new woodworkers ingest a sizable volume of knowledge in a small amount of time. As you study the craft, read as much as possible, including every tip or idea you can find. These will all broaden your woodworking knowledge, and subsequently your ability.

free woodworking tips pdfThis is my free PDF called 50 woodworking tips, which highlights many things that I learned over time about woodworking. It is filled with simple lessons that are not so simple when you have to learn them the hard way. The guide also shows some of the tricks that woodworkers pick up after a while in the shop.

These range from easy ways to find the centers of pieces, to why brad nails are not clamps, and how to solve problems before they become glue covered problems. There are also tips on finishing, buying wood, and the importance of using sharp tools.

These tips will sound obvious to any seasoned woodworker, but that is the point. To a new woodworker, knowing the things that seasoned woodworkers know is a huge head start. Look around online (and in my Woodworking category) for as many articles like this that you can find, and read them all. It will help you tremendously in your quest for knowledge.

Free woodworking tips are one of the easiest ways to absorb a large volume of information about woodworking in a short amount of time.

a beginners guide to woodworking helping new woodworkers make better projects woodworking

After downloading the guide, open it with Acrobat Reader (which is available free online if you don’t have it) and adjust the settings. The document is meant to be viewed in a two page spread format, like a standard book. Click on View, then Page Display, then Two Page View. This will adjust the view so it looks the way I intended, more like a book than an essay.

I have another free PDF guide called the 10 Step Guide to Wood Finishing. This outlines how to use hand applied finishes, and makes an expert finisher out of anyone. For the record, my favorite finish is Tru-Oil, which I explain how to apply in my article, Finishing With Tru-Oil.

If you have any questions about my 50 free woodworking tips, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.



  1. just a note but you misspelled PDF several times in your text… which is kinda funny… but good articles – thanks.

    • Thank you Colleen. I write a lot, so there are times when I do miss things. Oddly enough PFD is an industry term that I bet I was unconsciously thinking about when I wrote the post. I think I found them all, thank you very much for helping me make my website better for everyone. Happy building.


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