Free Fret Bending Jig Plans

These free fret bending jig plans are covered in a video format so you can see all the construction elements.  A fret bender is a valuable tool to have in the shop.  Bending frets by hand is tedious, and many times inaccurate.  Some can do it, but having a tool for the job makes it easier.  These can cost close to $100 online, but can be made in the shop from things you probably already have.

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Homemade Fret Bending Jig

free fret bending jig plansThe fret bending jig consists of three wheels, a handle, and a mounting board.  One of the wheels is movable up and down, which creates a pinch point.

The fret wire is then forced to bend as it passes through the wheels, forming a nice arc.  The bend can be adjusted from very gradual to very tight by moving the one wheel.

The wheels are made with a hole saw, then bolts are used to hold them to the mounting board. You can make the wheels on the lathe if you want, or buy them already cut.

The Mounting Board for the Jig

free fret bending jig plansThis schematic of the mounting board is all you need to create the platform for the wheels.  If you follow the free fret bending jig plans in the video, you can make this jig quickly, and it will last a very long time.

The board should be about 5″-6″ wide, and around a foot long.  It can be made from any scrap wood in the shop.  Making things from scraps means they are essentially free.

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My free fret bending jig plans have been used by many people to make their own fret bender.  Below is my video, please enjoy.

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