How to Flatten Wooden Ring Faces

If you want to know how to flatten wooden ring faces, the answer is probably sitting right on your bench. There is an easy technique for making surfaces very flat, and you will most likely need to buy nothing. All you need is sandpaper, and a flat surface.

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Flattening Wooden Ring Faces

how to flatten wooden ring facesStart by finding a surface that is flat. Let me clarify. This is not just any surface, and surfaces that are kind of flat will not work. The surface needs to be completely flat.

Look around for a piece of thick MDF, or plywood that is very flat, and bring it over to the bench. You only need a piece that is a little bigger than your sandpaper. Use a straight edge to check the surface. If it’s not flat, find another piece.

There are also granite plates sold for this purpose, which are ground as completely flat as possible. These are nice to have, and I have one in my shop. Before then, I used a piece of 3/4″ thick MDF that I cut down to 10″ x 12″ with a table saw.

Next, you lay your sandpaper with the grit facing up on the flat surface, and hold it still with one hand. With the other hand, slide the face of the ring back and forth on the sandpaper. Check the surface often, as you can remove material quickly depending on what kind of sandpaper you are using. Make sure to hold the piece flat and even on the sandpaper, and don’t let it tip as you sand.

Work the ring back and forth until you can see sanding marks on the entire face. Once all areas have been touched, you will know that the ring face is flat. Flip the ring over and repeat the process on the other side. Once complete, you will have both faces completely flat, and you can continue your shaping and sanding to finish the ring.

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This technique can be used for many aspects of woodworking. Try it out, and see how well it works in your process. If you end up using the method quite a bit, consider investing in a granite plate. I finally bought mine a couple years ago, and I was glad I did.

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