Fitting a Wooden Ring For Comfort

Fitting a wooden ring for comfort is one of the most important things that you can do for any ring you sell. Even the most beautiful wooden ring in the world will end up in a drawer if the fit is not right. Fitting your rings well ensures that they will be worn, enjoyed, and showed off by the owner. It all starts with the fit.

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Checking the Fit With a Ring Mandrel

fitting a wooden ringThere are a number of good ways to fit a wooden ring. There are tools available for the task, and they are not expensive.

I recommend buying a ring mandrel online or from a craft store. Get a metal one if you can, just because it will last longer.

When you are given a ring size from a customer, all you need to do is double check it against your ring mandrel. It’s a small step to sure that the fit will be right, and that you didn’t accidentally drill the wrong size hole.

That can happen by mistake, and you may never find out until you get a call from the customer.

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I wrote another piece on How to Make Better Wooden Rings that shows nine ways that you can make your rings look even better. It starts with the fit, and ends with the look. These techniques will help you do more with what you already have in your shop.

Comfort Fit, or Regular Fit is Important

fitting a wooden ringAnother thing you can do when you are fitting a wooden ring is ask the customer if they wear a comfort fit ring. These rings are rounded on the inside, and actually fit better at half a size smaller.

wooden rings how to make wooden rings by hand ring making instructions for beginners

If a customer says they wear a size ten in a comfort fit, you will actually need a ring that is closer to a size ten and a half. Also, if you are making a ring that is wider than the normal band size, it will also need to be a little bigger to fit well.

These questions help you reduce the chance of making something that doesn’t fit, and doesn’t make your customer happy.

In Person Fit Testing for the Wooden Ring

fitting a wooden ringLastly, if you have the ability to actually fit test the customer in person, do it. Not only do customers love this personalized treatment, but it also gives you valuable details.

Fitting a wooden ring in person is a chance to ask the customer questions. Find out what they like, and why they are interested in a wooden ring. They may like the look, have questions about the durability, or just want something different. All of these questions are opportunities to learn.

You can suggest ideas for their ring based on what they desire, and you will both benefit from the experience.

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