Finishing With Danish Oil Part Two

This is Finishing With Danish Oil Part Two.  The video covers using Arm-R-Seal to top coat a Danish Oil Finish.  Danish Oil itself is not an extremely protective finish.  It’s beautiful, but does not have the protection that a film does.  Adding a top coat of varnish creates a protective layer, and adds a glossier shine to the Danish Oil.

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Arm-R-Seal is a wiping varnish, which is essentially a varnish with a lot of thinner in the mixture.  The extra thinner allows the varnish to be wiped on with a rag.  There are a number of wiping varnishes on the market, and most of them work about the same.  I am familiar with arm-r-seal, so that is what I recommend.

Finishing with Danish Oil Part Two is an optional step.  Danish Oil by itself is a good finish, and many woodworkers use it.  If you like the look of Danish Oil only, you do not need to add a the varnish.

Danish Oil has a very subtle, warm sheen.  If you top coat with varnish, watch the sheen level.  The glossier the sheen, the more you will lose that warm glow of the Danish Oil.  I always recommend doing a test board and seeing that things look like.  This lets you take a look before committing a project to a certain finish.

If you missed Part One, it can be found here:  Finishing with Danish Oil Part One

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For more videos on finishing, my Finishing with Tru Oil Video covers using tru-oil to create an excellent and long lasting finish.  If you would rather read about it than watch a video, my article on How to Use Tru Oil can make anyone an expert finisher in a very short time.

If you have a favorite finish, please share it with everyone.  It will be nice to see what others are using, and we all might find something new to try.

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