Find Inspiration by Following People

You can find inspiration by following people on the internet that are already making the project you are thinking about. This is a huge resource. The internet is a gigantic place, and full of people who love to share what they are making. If you follow the right people, you can get a window into their process.

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Following People Online for Inspiration

find inspiration by following peopleFollowing people online is a pretty straight forward idea, you just need to decide what format works the best for you. If you are a video fan, then YouTube is the place to be.

There are millions of woodworkers on YouTube, and they all love to share what they are making.

Spend some time watching videos and then selectively follow the people that you like. You can follow everyone at first if you want. However, over time you will likely pare them down to the ones that interest you the most. As more new videos are posted, you will see them when you log in.

You can easily watch the new videos from the people that you are following, and keep up with their projects. 

Lots of Inspirational Pictures

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find inspiration by following peopleIf pictures are more in line with your style, then try out Instagram. Following people on Instagram gives you a close up view of their process and projects.

People tend to get personal on IG, and they share behind the scenes pictures. They also share their work, and this can be a huge source of inspiration.

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Go into the search function after you set up your account, and look for people to start following. Search the project or term that you are interested in. Then start following the people that are making things you like.

Pinterest is for Woodworkers Too

find inspiration by following peopleAnother great place that has recently exploded with woodworkers is Pinterest. This is a great place for pictures as well as helpful articles and tutorials. I post nearly 400 times a month to Pinterest alone.

The beauty of Pinterest is that you can start following people that are making your same project, and get far more than pictures. Most active pinners will link their image to a place on the internet. This will take you to where you can view more about the topic in most cases.

I post pictures that lead people back to my site, where I teach the topic that I show in the picture. Others do the same thing. If you search Pinterest for woodworking, or jewelry box making, you can surely find some great pinners to start following.

The other nice thing about Pinterest is that most of the people have done the work in advance for you. For example, someone that is interested in rustic furniture will have a board or two loaded with pictures. Sometimes thousands.

This is a huge fountain of inspiration and all because you started following people and their interests. These pictures will take you to where they found the images, and there you will find even more to learn.

Free Woodworking Tips Delivered Every Monday! Add Me to the List!

Instant Inspiration and Motivation

find inspiration by following peopleWhat’s in it for you by following people? The world is full of inspiration, and before the internet you used to have to travel long distances or climb tall mountains to find it. Now, all you have to do is log in.

If you get some of these apps on your phone, you can easily have access to on the spot inspiration. I routinely look on Pinterest and Instagram throughout the day. It’s a nice break from what I am doing, and also a chance to find my next project.

If you start following people on a platform that you like, you will literally be bombarded with inspiration. Every time you check your account, you will see more and more that you can draw from.

Time to Take Action

find inspiration by following peopleI recommend that you pick your platforms and start following people. I also recommend that you use YouTube and Pinterest at first. If you are already comfortable on IG, then use that with YouTube.

The reason I recommend a video and an image based platform is that you can learn quite a bit from both.

YouTube will focus more on the how-to stuff than all of the others. People love to post videos showing how they do something. You as a new woodworker, or even a pro can benefit from seeing how others make things.

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The other benefit of having Instagram or Pinterest is that you can use it for quick bursts of information. Not everyone has time to watch a video. The image based platforms give you quick learning in a quiet manner. You can open it for as little as 30 seconds and see something that is worth saving for later.

If you have any questions on Find Inspiration by Following People, please leave a comment and I will be glad to help you. Also, while you are online looking for inspiration, follow me on any of the sites I mentioned in the article.

I’ll be delivering fresh pictures daily, and hopefully it can help you become a better woodworker. Happy building.

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