Extra Mile Woodworking

Going the extra mile in your woodworking is important. When you do a little more than everyone else, your pieces will stand out. Also, when you completely finish a piece, and pay attention to all the details, you become a better woodworker.

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I touch on this in more detail in my last 10% article, but it is important to know that going the extra mile makes a big difference. Even in places that are not seen very much, or are on the back side of a piece, the extra effort pays off.

extra mile woodworkingThe last thing you want to do is work on a piece and have someone point out the flaws. Especially on a great looking piece. If you have done your best, and produced good work, you deserve to only hear about the good stuff.

The picture on the left is from a photo prop frame that I made for my wife. About half way through my build she came into the shop and told me that I did not have to spend very much time on the piece. I was a little taken back, because I was making the piece for her, so I knew that I wanted it to be really nice. She said it was just a photo prop, and not to worry about going the extra mile. I told her it wouldn’t take me long to finish, and that she would like it when I was done.

Even in an instance like this, make sure to finish your piece, and pay attention to the areas that are harder to see. She was telling me this as I was planing the Kreg screw plugs down flat on the back of the frame. Even though these are on the back side, they stick out. People would notice that, and they were out of place.

After planing them down to remove the bulk, I sanded them flush. Then, I did a couple small fills where I had some tear out. Once completed, you couldn’t even feel them. This is how going the extra mile makes a huge difference in your woodworking. Even though something may not be seen, take the time to make it perfect.

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