The Easy Way to Hang Wall Art

The easy way to hang wall art is with saw tooth hangers. You can find these in most stores in the hardware section or near the frames. These are what I use for my Established Signs, and my other wall art.

Hanging Wall Art Using Saw Tooth Hangers

the easy way to hang wall artSaw tooth hangers some in a number of sizes and lengths. Pick one that works for your project and buy a packet from a hardware store.

The smaller hangers are meant to be used on smaller pieces, or when you are using one on each end of a larger piece. The bigger ones are good for mounting in the center of a project.

I like to mount two small saw tooth hangers on the majority of my wall art. Measure an inch from the top, and then mark a line that is a few inches long. Measure a couple inches from the edge and make another mark through the line. It doesn’t really matter how far from the edge you make the second mark. Just make it the same on both sides.

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Now, line up the center of the hanger with the second mark, and line up the holes on the hanger on your line. Pound in the nails that come with the hanger, and repeat on the other side.

I also use this hanger on my Stockings Were Hung Tutorial.

Why Saw Tooth Hangers Are Great to Use

The nice thing about this method is the second mark gets your measurements correct, and the line keeps the hangers level. After you are done installing them, it only takes a couple nails to hang your wall art. Having two attachment points also makes it stronger, and less likely to fall off the wall.

All you need to do is measure for your nails. After you set the first nail, use a level to set the second one. This ensures that the wall art you hang will be level. It’s much more reliable than measuring from the ceiling, which can be off a little.

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