DIY Photo Booth Frame

My wife loves making props for photo booths at parties. We have done this several times before, and it’s a lot of fun to take funny pictures with your friends. It also encourages people to take pictures, and helps preserve more memories of fun occasions. This diy photo booth frame is a nice easy project for anyone who likes doing photo booths.

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photo booth frameI already posted the complete step by step instructions for making this photo booth frame in another article. What I wanted to show you today is a little different.

The whole reason to make a neutral photo booth frame is that it can be decorated. For example, the frame in the pictures was used for a bridal shower for a friend. It only took my wife a short time to add the words using her Silhouette Cameo. Then, she added flowers to the corners to complete the look. Now that the occasion is over, she can take off the flowers, remove the sticker letters, and decorate the frame for the next party.

photo booth frameThis time, the frame was not painted, as the color of the wood looked nice behind the letters and flowers. If you need to paint the frame, that’s easy too. You can always paint over it for the next occasion.

I enjoy making all kinds of things out of wood, and it’s nice to help out my wife with one of her projects. It’s not too often that my woodworking and her crafting intersect, so I make it a point to make her something when she needs it. This photo booth frame was a huge hit that the bridal shower. Her friend loved it, and everyone had a great time taking pictures. Not only did they get a ton of great shots, but the frame went with the party theme perfectly.

If you have questions about my DIY Photo Booth Frame, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Also, please share my work with your friends on Pinterest! Happy building.

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