Woodworking Tips

Woodworking tips, tricks, and ideas to make you a better woodworker.

woodworking in small spaces

Woodworking in Small Spaces

Woodworking in small spaces like basements, apartments, or garages can be a challenge as a beginner. However, the size of the shop does not...
howto choose a woodworking project

How to Choose a Woodworking Project

How to choose a woodworking project will show you a proven way to select the right project, and increase the chances that you will...
what tools do i need to get started woodworking

What Tools do I Need to Get Started Woodworking?

What tools do I need to get started woodworking? This is a very common question from beginning woodworkers. The answer is pretty easy, and...
woodworking and self reliance

Woodworking and Self Reliance

Woodworking can help you in several other areas of your life, including being more self reliant. There are so many things that woodworking teaches,...
finding tools in antique stores wooden molding plane 2

Finding Tools in Antique Stores

Finding tools in antique stores is a fun way to add to your tool collection. Not only are these tools fun to have and...
i dont have lots of fancy tools

I Don’t Have Lots of Fancy Tools

I don't have a lot of fancy tools. I do have a lot of tools, but I don't own anything that you would consider...
if i can do it you can do it

If I Can Do It – You Can Do It

If I can do it, you can do it. I am not any more talented than anyone else, nor do I have any super...
practice like it's your job and you will learn more

Practice Like It’s Your Job

Practice Like It's Your Job. One amazing thing that learning how to repair furniture taught me is how spending time practicing without stopping makes...
the best way to practice woodworking skills in a consequence free environment

The Best Way to Practice Woodworking Skills

The best way to practice woodworking skills is in a consequence free environment. When you practice this way, you remove all of the burdens...

Printable Woodworking Tips Cards

This is a full set of 52 printable woodworking tips cards. You can download the entire deck in a link further down in the...

Attention New Woodworkers!

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woodworking tips

Woodworking Tips and Quick Learning

Woodworking tips are one of the fastest ways to absorb information about woodworking. This quick learning method is a secret to building your woodworking...
woodworking tips cards measure twice

Woodworking Tips Cards – Measure Twice

This woodworking tips card is called Measure Twice. We have all heard the old saying to measure twice and cut once. The phrase is...
woodworking tips cards make your passion

Woodworking Tips Card – Make Your Passion

Make Your Passion. This woodworking tips card is all about you making the things that really make you happy. After all, woodworking is supposed...
woodworking cards clamp and sand

Woodworking Tips Cards – Clamp and Sand

This woodworking tips card is called Clamp and Sand. When you are sanding, it can feel like a lifetime passing by before the project...
woodworking cards test with cheap wood

Woodworking Tips Cards – Test With Cheap Wood

This woodworking tips card is called test with cheap wood. The focus is to use inexpensive pieces of wood when you are testing out...
woodworking cards don't rush a project

Woodworking Tips Card – Don’t Rush Your Project

This woodworking tips card is called Don't Rush Your Project. When you rush through something, you increase the chances for making a big mistake....
woodworking cards take a class

Woodworking Tips Cards – Take a Class

This woodworking tips card is about how to take a class and improve your woodworking skills very rapidly. Woodworking classes are available nearly everywhere,...
woodworking cards mass produce your work

Woodworking Tips Cards – Mass Produce Your Work

This woodworking tips card is about how to mass produce your work. This is a little different than just cranking out several projects. The...
My best woodworking posts

My Best Woodworking Posts…so far

These are some of my best and post popular woodworking posts so far. I write a lot on my site, and sometimes the best...
woodworking cards woodworking safety

Woodworking Tips Cards – Woodworking Safety

This woodworking tips card is about woodworking safety. Sadly, most woodworkers don't think about safety until something bad happens to them. This is a...