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Woodworking tips, tricks, and ideas to make you a better woodworker.


7 Easy Woodworking Joints for Beginners

This is 7 Easy Woodworking Joints for Beginners. Woodworking joints can range from really simple to extremely complex. In the beginning, all you need...
sawdust layers

Sawdust Layers In the Shop

I saw this in my shop and I had to share it. Apparently, I could stand to clean my shop far more than I...
woodworking tips cards laminated wood

Woodworking Tips Cards – Laminated Wood

This Woodworking Tips Card is about laminated wood. A well designed and laminated stack of wood is a thing of beauty. The mix of...
my woodworking shop

My Woodworking Shop

My woodworking shop shocks a lot of people when they see it. They see the things that I make, and just assume that you...

How to Power All Your Tools in a Small Shop

This is how to running power to all of your tools can make you feel less stress in a small shop. It’s a simple...
two types of woodworkers

There are Two Types of Woodworkers

There are two types of woodworkers. The type that loves nothing more than to tell you about every aspect of what they do, and...
woodworking tips

Woodworking Tips and Quick Learning

Woodworking tips are one of the fastest ways to absorb information about woodworking. This quick learning method is a secret to building your woodworking...

12 Helpful Tips on How to Make a Wood Sign

This is 12 helpful tips on how to make your own wood sign. There are a lot of ways to make wooden signs, and...
woodworking tips cards making jigs

Woodworking Tips Cards – Making Jigs

This woodworking tips card will show you how making jigs is an important skill to have as a beginning woodworker. When you make your own...

7 Helpful Tips on How to Make a Great Sanding Block

This is 7 tips on how to make a great sanding block. A sanding block is one of the most basic tools in all...

Attention New Woodworkers!

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woodworking mistakes

Woodworking Mistakes and Why They Are Good For You

Woodworking mistakes are actually good for you. A mistake gives you the opportunity to learn. This rarely happens when everything goes well. Yes, you...
woodworking tips cards bigger tools

Woodworking Tips Cards – Bigger Tools

This Woodworking Tips Card is about the size of your tools. You can make bigger projects when you have full sized tools, but they...
woodworking and beer making

Perfect Timing

When two hobbies collide it can be a magical thing. For a long while I was into making beer at home. I made hundreds...
masking tape clamps

Masking Tape Clamps

Masking tape clamps are very useful when you are gluing something together that does not require a huge amount of pressure. I first learned...

How to Add Drawers to Your Shop and Save Space

This is how to add drawers to your shop to maximize the space. If you are working in a smaller shop, adding drawers under...
if i can do it you can do it

If I Can Do It – You Can Do It

If I can do it, you can do it. I am not any more talented than anyone else, nor do I have any super...
woodworking tips cards wood glue

Woodworking Tips Cards – Wood Glue

This Woodworking Tips Card is all about wood glue. There are several different types of glue that you can buy in the store. This...
woodworking tips and tricks

Woodworking Tips and Tricks – No. 1

This is the first edition of woodworking tips and tricks. I write so much that sometimes my best work gets buried under new posts....
woodworking tips cards clamps and drilling

Woodworking Tips Cards – Clamps and Drilling

This woodworking tips card is about safety when drilling. Many new woodworkers discover safety after something happens to them. Through a mistake, they learn...
why older tools go away

Why Older Tools Go Away

As time passes, older tools go away. There are a number of reasons for this, some valiant, and some that are not as nice. By...