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Woodworking tips, tricks, and ideas to make you a better woodworker.


12 Helpful Tips on How to Make a Wood Sign

This is 12 helpful tips on how to make your own wood sign. There are a lot of ways to make wooden signs, and...

The Ultimate Guide to Sandpaper Grits

This is the Ultimate Guide to Sandpaper Grits. It’s everything you need to know about the most common grits, and what you can do...

How a Practice Break Can Make You a Better Woodworker

This is How a Practice Break Can Make You a Better Woodworker. There are so many opportunities to practice as a woodworker, you just...

Countersink Vs Counterbore

This is Countersink Vs Counterbore, your answer guide to knowing the difference as well as when to use each type in your woodworking. It’s...

50 Awesome Reasons to be a Woodworker

This is 50 Awesome Reasons to be a Woodworker. If you are a woodworker already, then you have a ton of reasons for loving...

16 Awesome Reasons to Use Titebond Wood Glue

This is 16 Awesome Reasons to Use Titebond Wood Glue. Woodworkers use a lot of wood glue, and as a new woodworker, seeing all...

How to Pick the Right Beginner Woodworking Project

This is how to pick the right beginner woodworking project. It can be hard to pick a project that is perfect for a beginner....

The Ultimate Guide to Using Forstner Bits

This is The Ultimate Guide to Using Forstner Bits. Have you heard of Forstner Bits but you don’t know exactly what they are used...

23 Easy Ways to Age Wood and Make Wood Look Old

This is how to age wood the easy way, with 23 awesome techniques that you can start doing right now in your own shop....

16 Great Tips for Setting Up a Workshop in the Garage

This is 16 Great Tips for Setting up a Workshop in the Garage. In this post you will learn the best ways to ensure...

Attention New Woodworkers!

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Does Woodworking Take a Long Time to Learn?

It's a myth that woodworking takes a long time to learn. The fun thing about woodworking is that there is always something new to...
the myth that woodworking tools are dangerous

The Myth That Woodworking Tools are Dangerous

It is a myth that the tools used in woodworking are dangerous. While you do need to be safe, and think about safety in...

The Myth that You Need Lots of Tools to Get Started in Woodworking

I used to think that you need to have lots of tools to be a woodworker. While woodworkers do accumulate many tools over the...

The Myth that it’s Expensive to Get Started in Woodworking

It’s a myth that it is expensive to start woodworking. While some projects do cost more than others, you can get started in woodworking...

7 Easy Woodworking Joints for Beginners

This is 7 Easy Woodworking Joints for Beginners. Woodworking joints can range from really simple to extremely complex. In the beginning, all you need...

19 Incredible Tips on Working With Wood Glue

This is 19 incredible tips on working with wood glue. As a woodworker, you are going to be using a lot of glue, and...

17 Important Tips on How to Sand Wood

This is 17 Important Tips on How to Sand Wood, the only guide you will ever need for the majority of your sanding as...

7 Helpful Tips on How to Make a Great Sanding Block

This is 7 tips on how to make a great sanding block. A sanding block is one of the most basic tools in all...

11 Easy Ways to Conserve Resources as a Woodworker

This is 11 Easy Ways to Conserve Resources as a Woodworker. Here you will learn that you can work with wood, and still conserve...

5 Super Easy Inlays You Can Start Doing Right Now

This is 5 super easy inlays you can start doing right now. Inlay work does not have to be super difficult, and you don’t...