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Tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to make handmade wooden toys for kids.

homemade wooden toys

11 Great Tips for Making Homemade Wooden Toys

I just made a whole set of homemade wooden toys for my son. There are some tips that can get you on the right...
homemade wooden blocks

Homemade Wooden Blocks

The scraps from other projects are a great opportunity to turn out some homemade wooden blocks. These were made for my son. He already...
homemade wooden train couplers

How to Make Homemade Wooden Train Couplers

Today I am going to show you how to make homemade wooden train couplers. I made a wooden train for my son for Christmas,...
wooden baby rattle

Handmade Wooden Baby Rattle

This easy handmade wooden baby rattle is a quick project that is sure to put a smile on any small child. I made this...
bear chair

Homemade Bear Chair

I made this homemade bear chair for my son before he was born. I had originally wanted to make an old world style cradle,...
wooden toy hammer

Making a Toy Hammer

I have been working on a series of Walnut and Curly Maple toy tools for my book over the last several weeks, and it has...
figured wood

Figured Wood For Making Wooden Toys

Using figured wood for making wooden toys is can really bring them to life. Figured wood is simply wood that has a striking appearance...
my sons favorite toy car

My Son’s Wooden Hand Plane Toy

I am very close to finishing my next book, which should be out in a couple weeks. It's on making wooden tools for kids....
how to make a wooden train tanker

How to Make A Wooden Train – The Tanker Car

This is another part of my tutorial on how to make a wooden train. In this post, you will learn how to make a...
my sons favorite toy car

My Son’s Favorite Toy Car

Here is a picture of my son's favorite toy car. I made it for him while working on a wooden tools for kids book....

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handmade toys

Handmade Toys and Woodworking

Handmade toys are an incredible gift for a child. Not only do handmade toys encourage the imagination, but they also give you a huge...
my favorite handmade toy tool

My Favorite Handmade Toy Tool

I made a whole set of toy tools for my son, and even wrote a book about it. They were all a pleasure to...
wooden tools for kids

How to Make Wooden Tools For Kids the Easy Way

Do you want to experience one of the most amazing feelings in all of woodworking? Then you need to start making things for kids....
how to make a wooden train log car

How to Make a Wooden Train – The Log Car

This tutorial on how to make a wooden train covers making the log car. It's a open car with six uprights that hold dowel logs....
toy wooden car

Wooden Toy Car

This is a wooden toy car that I made for my son, and it has an interesting design feature.  This car will always roll, whether...
wooden tools for kids

Wooden Tools For Kids

Making wooden tools for kids is a great way to share woodworking with a young child, and get their imagination going.  Wooden toys have...
Wooden nut and bolt

Handmade Wooden Nut and Bolt

Kids learn a lot from toys that get their hands involved. This homemade wooden nut and bolt is an easy project, and it gets...
wood tools for my son

Wooden Tools for My Son

Since my son was born, my tiny boss has been directing the vast majority of my woodworking projects. I made these wooden tools for...
how to make a hand carved wand

How to Make a Hand Carved Wand

This tutorial explains how to make a hand carved wand, which is a perfect gift for any young witch or wizard. The process is...
wooden tools for kids 3d cover

Wooden Tools For Kids

My latest book, Wooden Tools For Kids is now available! I made a full set of toy woodworking tools for my son, and photographed the...