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Tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to make handmade wooden rings.


How to Use Wood Lamination for Different Wooden Ring Looks

This is how to use wood lamination to showcase different wooden ring looks. The most popular way of making a wooden ring is through...

How to Use Grain Direction for a Stronger Ring

This is how to use grain direction to make a stronger wooden ring. One of the flaws in wood is that the pieces break...
how durable are wooden rings wooden ring making

How Durable are Wooden Rings?

How durable are wooden rings? This is a question that I get asked by nearly everyone that sees my rings. The answer depends a...
where to buy ring making supplies wooden ring making

Where to Buy Ring Making Supplies

Where to buy ring making supplies. This is something that new woodworkers run into as they learn about making wooden rings. Thankfully, there are...
bocote and bubinga ring

Bocote and Bubinga Wooden Ring

This is one of my all time favorite wooden rings. It is a Bocote and Bubinga ring, made by laminating pieces of wood together...
how to make a wooden ring

How to Make a Wooden Ring

Today I am going to show you the basic process for how to make a wooden ring. This is an easy way to make...
how to flatten wooden ring faces

How to Flatten Wooden Ring Faces

If you want to know how to flatten wooden ring faces, the answer is probably sitting right on your bench. There is an easy...
making rings with a belt sander

Making Rings With a Belt Sander

Making rings with a belt sander is an easy alternative for woodworkers that do not have a lathe in the shop. A lathe is...

How to Make a Wood and Epoxy Ring with Inlace Nuggets

This is How to Make a Wood and Epoxy Ring with Inlace Nuggets. If you have never used Inlace products to change the look...
kauri wood

Kauri Wood from New Zealand

Kauri Wood comes with an amazing story to tell, and many times this can be a great conversation starter for your woodworking. Many woodworkers...

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9 Great Ways to Make Better Wooden Rings

Wooden rings are very popular, and they are a fun project for any woodworker. What I am going to show you here is how...
how to make a wooden ring without power tools 7 steps

How to Make a Wooden Ring Without Power Tools (7 Steps)

This is how to make a wooden ring without power tools. It only takes seven steps, and you can make a beautiful ring on...

How to Stop Blowout When Drilling Rings on the Lathe

Do you experience blowout when drilling rings on your lathe? It's common for the exiting drill to break some fibers, but it's also easy...

10 Best Places to Find Wood Ring Supplies Online

This the 10 Best Places to Find Wood Ring Supplies Online. If you need to learn the best places to find the highest quality,...
making wooden rings

Making Wooden Rings

Making wooden rings has become a big business. Lots of people desire a wooden ring, and they are all over the internet for everyone...
fitting a wooden ring

Fitting a Wooden Ring For Comfort

Fitting a wooden ring for comfort is one of the most important things that you can do for any ring you sell. Even the...
my wooden wedding ring

My Wooden Wedding Ring

I knew for a long time that I wanted a wooden wedding ring. I also knew that it needed to stand up to a...
woods for ring making

5 Great Woods For Ring Making

These are five of my favorite woods for ring making, and they can be found in almost any hardwood store. Making wooden rings is...
natural edge wooden ring

Natural Edge Wooden Ring

Making a natural edge wooden ring is largely a matter of selecting the right board. Find a piece of wood that still has the...
grain direction

Grain Direction For Ring Making

Besides changing the species of wood used in a laminated ring, you can also play with the grain direction. Two rings that are made...