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Tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to make handmade wooden rings.

9 Great Ways to Make Better Wooden Rings

Wooden rings are very popular, and they are a fun project for any woodworker. What I am going to show you here is how...
wooden rings how to make wooden rings by hand 3d book cover 2

Wooden Rings: How to Make Wooden Rings By Hand

Wooden Rings: How to Make Wooden Rings By Hand is my second book. After seeing wooden rings for sale online, I tried to make...
35 important tips on how to make a ring

35 Important Tips on How to Make a Ring

Here are 35 important tips on how to make a ring. Wooden rings are very popular, and they are also easy to make. Follow...
how to make a wooden ring

How to Make a Wooden Ring

Today I am going to show you the basic process for how to make a wooden ring. This is an easy way to make...
sizing a wooden ring

Sizing A Wooden Ring

Sizing a wooden ring is the process of getting the finger opening to a certain diameter, which matches the ring size of the customer....
laminated wood ring

Laminated Wood Ring

The laminated wood ring is one of the most basic in all of ring making, however it is also the most versatile. Once the...
woods for ring making

5 Great Woods For Ring Making

These are five of my favorite woods for ring making, and they can be found in almost any hardwood store. Making wooden rings is...
how to make a wooden ring without power tools 7 steps

How to Make a Wooden Ring Without Power Tools (7 Steps)

This is how to make a wooden ring without power tools. It only takes seven steps, and you can make a beautiful ring on...
ring making tips roughing out your ring blank

Roughing out Your Ring Blank – Ring Making Tips

This ring making tip is all about roughing out your blank before sanding. Roughing the blank to the point where it can be turned...
wood for ring making

7 Beautiful Types of Wood For Ring Making

There are so many choices when it comes to exotic wood for ring making. Wood is so diverse, and you can have a long...

Attention New Woodworkers!

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make and sell wooden rings

Make and Sell Wooden Rings

It's fun to make and sell wooden rings, and you can get started for a very low cost. It's even easier than it looks...
where to buy ring making supplies wooden ring making

Where to Buy Ring Making Supplies

Where to buy ring making supplies. This is something that new woodworkers run into as they learn about making wooden rings. Thankfully, there are...

The Best Drill for Making Wooden Rings

This post will reveal the best drill type for making wooden rings. There are several different ways that drill bits are made. Not all...
Briar wedding ring

Briar Wedding Ring

When it came time for me to select a wedding ring, I knew that I wanted a wooden ring.  The only objection I had...
how durable are wooden rings wooden ring making

How Durable are Wooden Rings?

How durable are wooden rings? This is a question that I get asked by nearly everyone that sees my rings. The answer depends a...
inlay materials

Inlay Materials For Ring Making

Finding great inlay materials for ring making is as easy as looking online. There are many places that sell rough gem stones, and even...
why i made my own wedding ring

Why I Made My Own Wedding Ring

There are several reasons why I made my own wedding ring. The project itself is very special, and the cost savings over buying a...

5 Amazing Alternative Materials to Make a Wooden Ring

This is 5 Amazing Alternative Materials to Make a Wooden Ring. Did you know that not all wooden rings are made from wood alone?...

25 Gorgeous Wood Species for Making Wooden Rings

This is your ultimate species guide for making wooden rings. The following 25 gorgeous wood species are guaranteed to bring life to your rings,...

Why a Wooden Ring is an Amazing Gift and How You Can Make One

This is why a wooden ring makes an amazing gift, and how it’s much easier than you think to start making rings at home....