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Tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to make handmade wooden rings.


25 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Making Wooden Rings

This is 25 things I wish I knew when I started making wooden rings. Making wooden rings is an awesome hobby, and it’s easier...

How to Make a Wood and Epoxy Ring with Inlace Nuggets

This is How to Make a Wood and Epoxy Ring with Inlace Nuggets. If you have never used Inlace products to change the look...

11 Easy Tips on How to Make Carbide Tip Wood Turning Tools

This is 11 Easy Tips on How to Make Carbide Tip Wood Turning Tools. Carbide lathe tools are awesome, but they can be really...

Essential Wooden Ring Making Tools List

This is the Essential Wooden Ring Making Tools List, and in this post you will learn exactly what tools you need to be successful...

How to Make a Wooden Ring With a Metal Band

This is How to Make a Wooden Ring With a Metal Band, and in this tutorial there are complete step by step instructions for...

How to Stop Blowout When Drilling Rings on the Lathe

Do you experience blowout when drilling rings on your lathe? It's common for the exiting drill to break some fibers, but it's also easy...

How to Make a Flat Top Wooden Ring

This is your complete tutorial on how to make a flat top wooden ring, with step by step instructions, and easy to follow directions....

10 Best Places to Find Wood Ring Supplies Online

This the 10 Best Places to Find Wood Ring Supplies Online. If you need to learn the best places to find the highest quality,...

How to Make a Wood and Copper Ring from a Pipe Fitting

This is how to make a wood and copper ring from a copper pipe fitting. This fun woodworking project combines wood and metal, with...

How to Make Wooden Rings Without a Lathe

This is How to make wooden rings without a lathe. Wooden rings are a lot easier to make than you might think, and you...

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Top 10 Wooden Ring Making Posts

If you like making wooden rings, and learning about making rings, then you are in the right place. Here are 10 posts that will...

8 Awesome Reasons to Use a Lathe to Make Wooden Rings

This is 8 Awesome Reasons to Use a Lathe to Make Wooden Rings. If you are an experienced ring maker, or you want to...

10 Helpful Tips on How to Be a More Productive Ring Maker

This is 10 Helpful Tips on How to be a More Productive Ring Maker. Making wooden rings is a fun woodworking project, and great...

How to use Plastic and Acrylics in Your Wooden Ring Designs

This is how you can use plastics and acrylics in your wooden ring designs. Most wooden rings are made from wood alone, but there...

The One Secret to Making Wooden Rings that People Will Actually Wear

Wooden rings need to fit well. If you only get one thing right when you make a ring, it needs to be the fit....

9 Great Reasons to use a Metal Core in Your Wooden Rings

This is 9 reasons to use a metal core in your rings, and why you should start doing this right now. Making wooden rings...

How to Make Your Wooden Rings Stronger

This is how to make your rings stronger. The simplest and easiest way to make your rings stronger is to add a metal band...

How to Use Different Shapes in Your Wooden Rings

This is how to use different shapes in your wooden rings. Rings do not all have to be round, and you can expand your...

How to Protect Your Rings from Blowout

This is how to protect your rings from blowout. When you drill the ring, the entrance is not that big of a concern, it’s...

Why a Wooden Ring is an Amazing Gift and How You Can Make One

This is why a wooden ring makes an amazing gift, and how it’s much easier than you think to start making rings at home....