Wood Finishing

Wood finishing is an art, but anyone with the right instruction can apply an excellent looking finish. Here you will find tips, techniques, and how-to articles on applying a world class finish.

get better at wood finishing

7 Ways to Get Better at Finishing

Here are my 7 ways to get better at finishing. Wood finishing is an art. It is also an easy art at the beginning...
understanding wood finishing

Understanding Wood Finishing

Understanding Wood Finishing by Bob Flexner has been the single most influential book on wood finishing that I have ever read. I have several wood...
how to store wood finish

How to Store Wood Finish

Knowing how to store wood finish will help it last longer. Nothing destroys finish like temperature and oxygen. Temperature can cause the finish to...
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Coloring Oil Finishes

Coloring oil finishes is done by adding Artist's pigments to an oil finish. These oils can then be applied to wood to create a...
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Mixing Shellac

Mixing shellac from dry flakes can be a little intimidating for the new wood finisher, but the process is a lot easier than it...
using a test board

Using A Test Board

Using a test board when working with a new finish for the first time, or a new finishing technique, is a great way to...
tried and true danish oil

Tried and True Danish Oil

Tried and True Danish Oil is a favorite finish of mine. I like this finish in particular because it is safe for contact with...
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Finishing With Danish Oil Part Two

This is Finishing With Danish Oil Part Two.  The video covers using Arm-R-Seal to top coat a Danish Oil Finish.  Danish Oil itself is...
how to make wood look old

How to Make Wood Look Old

There is a huge movement right now of clients and craftsmen alike that want an older look to their pieces.  Knowing a few techniques...
danish oil

Finishing With Danish Oil

Danish Oil is a great wood finish, and can be applied by hand.  Since this is a wipe on finish, there is no need for...

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tru-oil finish

Finishing With Tru-Oil Video

Tru-Oil makes an excellent wood finisher out of anyone, is inexpensive, and can be used on almost any wooden project.  This is a hand applied...
dye stain

Dye Stain Tips

My favorite kind of wood stains are dye stains, and for a number of reasons.  Dye stains can be mixed together to create custom...
french polish

High Gloss French Polishing

This board was one of my very first test pieces for the French Polishing process, and it has an extremely high gloss.  The reflection...

How to Finish Wood with Tru-Oil

Tru-Oil from Birchwood Casey is my absolute favorite wood finish. Not only does it enhance the natural beauty of wood, but it is also...
10 step guide to wood finishing

10 Step Guide to Wood Finishing

Wood finishing can be a little tough to learn as a new woodworker, mainly because there is just so much information out there. Thankfully,...