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Wood finishing is an art, but anyone with the right instruction can apply an excellent looking finish. Here you will find tips, techniques, and how-to articles on applying a world class finish.

buffing wood

How to Buff Wood to a High Sheen

The best way to buff wood to a high sheen is with a buffing system that is meant for use on wood. There are...

How to Finish Wood with Tru-Oil

Tru-Oil from Birchwood Casey is my absolute favorite wood finish. Not only does it enhance the natural beauty of wood, but it is also...
rustic wood staining

Rustic Wood Staining Technique

Rustic pieces are super popular. This rustic wood staining technique will have you creating rustic finishes on your projects easily, and with one simple...
dye stain

Using My New Fiebings Dye Stains

I am really excited to share my experience with my new Fiebings dye stains that I picked up from Tandy Leather Factory. I have...
secret to finishing

The Secret to Wood Finishing

There are hundreds of secrets to wood finishing. However, there is really only one that you really need to know. Thin coats make finishing...
10 step guide to wood finishing

10 Step Guide to Wood Finishing

Wood finishing can be a little tough to learn as a new woodworker, mainly because there is just so much information out there. Thankfully,...
traditional wood filler

How to Make Traditional Wood Filler

This is how to make traditional wood filler. Wood fillers are available everywhere. However, many times they are made from random ingredients. If you...
danish oil

Danish Oil For Adding Age to Wood

Danish Oil, in particular Medium Walnut Danish Oil, is a very easy way to add age to a piece of wood. Rustic and aged...
staining wood with steel wool and vinegar

Staining Wood with Steel Wool and Vinegar

Staining wood with steel wool and vinegar is an easy way to incorporate an older method of chemically staining wood. Modern stains use dyes...
easy wood finishes

Easy Wood Finishes for Beginners

One of the biggest hurtles to woodworking is wood finishing. Thankfully, there are some easy wood finishes for beginners. Hand applied finishes have been...

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9 Unbelievable Wood Finishing Myths for Beginners

This is 9 Unbelievable Wood Finishing Myths for Beginners, and in this post we are going to tackle both common and uncommon myths that...
how to make wood look old

How to Make Wood Look Old

There is a huge movement right now of clients and craftsmen alike that want an older look to their pieces.  Knowing a few techniques...
wood finishing tip cards finishing kids toys

Wood Finishing Tips Cards – Finishing Kids Toys

This wood finishing tips card is called Finishing Kids Toys. When you make and finish kids toys, you need to think about the finish...
wood finishing tips cards how to choose a finish

Wood Finishing Tips Cards -How To Choose a Finish

This Woodworking Tips Card is called How to Choose a Finish. When you walk into the woodworking store, the wall full of finishing products...
tried and true danish oil

Tried and True Danish Oil

Tried and True Danish Oil is a favorite finish of mine. I like this finish in particular because it is safe for contact with...
wood finishing on the lathe

Wood Finishing on the Lathe – A Basic Guide

Wood finishing on the lathe is a fun process. It takes a lot of the time out of finishing, and the results happen almost...
wood finishing tips cards oil finishes

Wood Finishing Tips Cards – Oil Finishes

This wood finishing tips card is about oil finishes. When you are a new woodworker, oil finishes are some of the easiest to learn....
staining wood

Staining Wood and Experimenting With Stains

Staining wood is a pretty straight forward process on the surface, but there is so much that you can do if you take the...
danish oil

Finishing With Danish Oil

Danish Oil is a great wood finish, and can be applied by hand.  Since this is a wipe on finish, there is no need for...
wood finishing tips cards cloth finishing pads

Wood Finishing Tips – Cloth Finishing Pads

This wood finishing tips card is called Cloth Finishing Pads. As you use hand applied finishes, you will end up needing a lot of...