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These are my most fun woodworking projects, many with instructions so you can easily make it yourself.


How to Make a Wood and Resin Pendant

This is How to Make a Wood and Resin Pendant, a complete tutorial on making a broken wood pendant with epoxy resin in between...

20 Easy DIY Woodworking Projects With Tutorials

Are you looking for easy DIY woodworking projects? Well, you are in luck because here are 20 great projects with complete tutorials that you...

How to Make a Wood and Copper Ring from a Pipe Fitting

This is how to make a wood and copper ring from a copper pipe fitting. This fun woodworking project combines wood and metal, with...
how to make a kitchen helper learning tower

How to Make a Kitchen Helper Learning Tower

How to make a kitchen helper learning tower is an easy to follow woodworking tutorial that will reward you with lots of amazing memories...
how to make a handmade lacing toy how to make toys at home

How to Make Handmade Lacing Toy Tutorial

How to make a handmade lacing toy tutorial is step by step instructions for making a lacing toy on the lathe. You can do...
7 great woodworking tutorials

7 Great Woodworking Tutorials

Here are 7 great woodworking tutorials that I have put together for you in one easy to find place. These have all been featured...
Easy DIY Photo Backdrop Rustic

Easy DIY Photo Backdrop Tutorial

My wife makes cakes. For the longest time, she was taking pictures of them against a white wall, which did not have a lot...
how to make wooden beads

How to Make Wooden Beads Tutorial

This is how to make wooden beads, which are a great gifts, and can even be used to make a little money with your...
diy wine ceremony box

Wine Ceremony Box Tutorial

Here is one of my most popular post series all in one place. This is how to make a wine ceremony box. By the...
how to make a wood pendant necklace

How to Make a Wood Pendant Necklace

Here is my tutorial which shows you how to make a wood pendant necklace. This is a great project. It's quick, easy, and makes...

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handmade charm bracelet beads

How to Make Handmade Charm Bracelet Beads

This tutorial on how to make homemade charm bracelet beads covers the entire process of making your own beads for a tiny fraction of...
heirloom sanding block

Heirloom Sanding Block Tutorial

This is my heirloom sanding block tutorial. In this post, I will show you how to make a 1/8 sheet, high end sanding block...
easy pallet wood sign

Easy Pallet Wood Sign Tutorial

This easy pallet wood sign tutorial will show you how to make a great looking sign for the wall or for a gift. I...
wooden sign the stockings were hung

DIY Wooden Sign – The Stockings Were Hung

It's that time of the year and I have been very busy in the shop with projects. I just finished a wooden sign for...
pallet wood shelf

DIY Pallet Wood Shelf

This step by step tutorial explains the process of making an easy DIY pallet wood shelf. The process is fairly straight forward, and you...
how to make string art

How to Make String Art

If you want to learn how to make string art, this article will teach you the basic process which you can apply to any...
plane shavings

Plane Shavings For A Wine Ceremony Box

A wine ceremony box needs to have something inside that keeps the wine bottle and anything else from rattling around. This is a handmade...
diy tea light holder

Easy DIY Tea Light Candle Holder

This tutorial will teach you how to make an easy DIY tea light holder. I really like contrast staining, and will be teaching you...
photo booth picture frame

Photo Booth Picture Frame

A photo booth picture frame is a great way to get people involved in your photo booth at a party. I have complete instructions...
diy wine ceremony box

DIY Wine Ceremony Box Project – Part One

This is my DIY Wine Ceremony Box Project. In this four part series I will give you step by step instructions on how to...