Can Wooden Rings Get Wet?

Can Wooden Rings get wet? This is a common question, and one that I answer frequently for people making wooden rings and for people thinking about wearing them. It largely depends on the finish, and the type of exposure, but the long answer is that I don’t recommend it.

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Can Wooden Rings Get Wet?

can wooden rings get wet wooden ring makingMost people that have traditional rings rarely take them off. This is mainly because you can do just about anything to a traditional ring. These rings get wet, they get dirty, they get bumped against things…and we just keep on going.

We have been conditioned that we can treat our metal jewelry a little on the poor side, and we have the same expectation for wooden jewelry.

The problem with that expectation is that the materials are completely different. Wood is naturally a material that absorbs and lets out water. As the water or humidity level changes around the ring, the wood will take in and expel water.

This can happen in a humid place, and it can also happen while washing your hands. It’s a property that metal does not have, which means it’s a little unfair to compare the two as equals. Thankfully, you can do a couple things to help prevent you from damaging your ring by getting it wet…

Start With a Water Resistant Finish

If you are the type that cannot take your ring off when you wash your hands, then you really need to look into a water resistant finish. As you make rings for yourself or to sell, look into finishes that offer more protection from water.

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Two finishes that you can start with are two part epoxy and CA glue. Both of these products make a thin layer on top of the wood. They seal it inside, and protect it. The water contacts the top layer instead of the wood, making it last longer.

You can get your wooden ring wet is you have one of these types of finishes on the piece, but you still have limits. Over time, water will penetrate even the most skillfully applied finish. The layer will resist water, it will not be water proof.

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Minimize the Time Your Ring Will be Wet

If you want to make your ring last longer, then minimize the times that the ring gets wet. It can be a challenge to train yourself to take off the ring now and again. This is true especially if you have been used to a metal ring.

Make an effort to train yourself to take off your ring when washing dishes, washing your hands, or doing anything else that involves large amounts of water. The small amounts from sweat and things like that will not really harm the ring, it’s more about bigger quantities of water.

The more you remove your ring in times like this, the longer it will last. You can get your ring wet once in a while, but make sure to dry it. If it happens, just take it off and use your shirt or something soft and dry the ring. Within minutes the excess water will escape, and you can put it back on.

Can Wooden Rings Get Wet – Wrap Up

The short answer is yes, wooden rings can get wet, but you need to do a couple things to minimize the exposure. First, you can use a very water resistant finish. Either CA glue or two part epoxy will add a really tough protective layer that resists water.

The next thing you can do is minimize the exposure. Take your ring off when you do things that involve water. A little sweat will not harm your ring, but dunking it under water for a while as you scrub dishes can cause damage.

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If you have any questions on Can Wooden Rings Get Wet, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Thank you, and happy building.

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