Brad Nails are Not the Same as Regular Nails

Brad nails are not the same as regular nails. This is common knowledge to a seasoned woodworker, but we all learned it somewhere. I learned it by brad nailing together a small book case for a friend. When it fell apart like a movie prop in a fight scene I knew that I made a mistake.

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brad nails are not the same as regular nailsAs a rookie woodworker, I made several mistakes along the way. I still make my share of mistakes to this day, but they are now father and fewer in between.

One of my most epic was using brad nails to make a book case for a friend. I had been making guitars for a while at that point, and I saw the book case as no real challenge.

After all, I was making instruments, and a book case didn’t have to sound good when I was done with it.

Having wanted a brad nailer for a long time, I saw the project as my opportunity to buy a new tool.

I celebrated the fact that I could shoot fifty nails in the time that you could pound one with a hammer, and I shot nails into that book case like they were free.

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Being so excited to play with my new tool, and having no idea that I needed glue in the joints, I just shot the entire thing together. It didn’t take long before it fell apart when I tried to move it.

A quick little bit of research showed me my mistake, and I re-built the piece.

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The moral of the story is that brad nails are really just small clamps. Their purpose is to hold a piece together long enough for the glue to dry.

The glue is the real source of strength in a piece like this, not the tiny nails. If you are considering buying a brad nail gun, do yourself a favor. Buy a bottle of glue at the same time.

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