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Acoustic Guitar Making

Save Money by Making Your Own Tools and Jigs

Simplified Instructions that Other Books Leave Out

Finishing Instructions Without Buying Spray Equipment

How to Make a Custom Soundhole Label

Use Common Woodworking Tools to Build Your Guitar

Easy to Learn With Over 500 Pages with More Than 1600 Images and Diagrams

Wooden Rings

You Don’t Need a lot of Tools to Make Wooden Rings

This is a Very Easy Beginner Woodworking Project

All Tools and Materials Explained and Pictured so You Know Exactly What You Need

Step by Step Instruction and Examples of over 50 rings.

Finish Your Rings the Easy Way With Almost No Practice

Give a Gift That is Truly Unique and Amazing

1,001 Acoustic Guitar Making Tips

Avoid Beginner Mistakes by Learning Quick Tips and Tricks

Easy to Understand Tips About Each Part of the Guitar

Make Each Part Better and With Less Stress

Quick, Actionable Knowledge

Learn How to Finish the Guitar Simply and Easily

Overcome the Beginner Lack of Knowledge and Build a Better Guitar Right From the Beginning

Woodworking Guide for Beginners

Learn Why You Don’t Actually Want to be a Woodworker, and why This is a Poor Goal for any Beginner

Pick Out the Right Projects that Make You Better, Faster.

Learn to Research a Project Well to Avoid Mistakes and Progress Faster

How to Dissect any Project and Figure Out How to Make it

Left Brain Woodworking Instruction Learned From Experience and Being a Woodworker for so Many Years

A Woodworking Notebook

Capture Your Best Ideas and Projects So You Don’t Forget

Create Your Own Woodworking Book by Filling the Pages

A Space to Record 20 Projects With Every Necessary Detail

Attach a Picture to Each Project Section

Generous Note Taking Area to Preserve Your Best Ideas

This Will Become a Personal Treasure

Wooden Tools For Kids

Make Heirloom Quality Wooden Tool Toys For Your Family That They Will Enjoy and Treasure

These Will be Passed Down for Generations

Step by Step Instructions for Over 20 Projects including a Farm Style Tool Box to Hold them All

Your Tiny Boss Will Love Them

100 Words For Kids

A Fun Way to Teach Young Kids About Woodworking

Great Gift for Parents and Grandparents

100 Tool Pictures with a Few on Each Page

The Names of Each Tool are Easy to Read

Your Kids Will Know More About Tools than Most Adults

Thank you, and Happy Building!


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