Woodworking Tips Card – Don’t Rush Your Project

This woodworking tips card is called Don’t Rush Your Project. When you rush through something, you increase the chances for making a big mistake. This mistake can end up costing you more time than you would have saved by rushing. Here is why:

Don’t Rush Your Project

woodworking cards don't rush a projectAnything worth doing is worth doing well. It’s also worth doing in the amount of time that it takes, not an invented deadline that gets the project done quickly. For most people, woodworking is a hobby, not a job. That means you should be enjoying the craft, not rushing it to the end.

If you find yourself frustrated, or rushing, just stop and take a break from the shop. It’s not worth ruining your project, having an accident, or getting stressed out over something that is supposed to be a hobby.

Rushing leads to a lot of things that can be really bad for you as a woodworker. The worst of which is an injury, and the best of which is a mistake that adds time to the build.

If you hurt yourself rushing through a project, it can really hurt your desire to do more work in the future. If you rush and make mistakes, it ends up adding time to the build…which was precisely the thing you were trying to reduce. Read more “Woodworking Tips Card – Don’t Rush Your Project”

Woodworking Tips Cards – Take a Class

This woodworking tips card is about how to take a class and improve your woodworking skills very rapidly. Woodworking classes are available nearly everywhere, and you can learn quite a bit in a short amount of time. They are not cheap, but they offer you something that a book can never really give you…the chance to ask someone questions.

Take a Class

woodworking cards take a classYou can find classes in local woodworking stores, hardwood stores, and colleges. You can also find them online. Taking a class is a great thing, because you get to interact with real people, and learn something that makes you happy.

How many times in your life have you been forced to learn something in a class environment that you really don’t want to learn? This is your opportunity to go into a class because you really want to understand what the class is designed to teach.

This changes your entire outlook on learning, because you are driving towards something you really want.

One of the benefits of learning in a class is that you are going to be working around real people. People offer you the wonderful ability to ask questions. This is extremely valuable, because sometimes it’s really nice just to have the answer and not have to try and find it in a book or online. This is not the only benefit, but it’s an important part of a class. Read more “Woodworking Tips Cards – Take a Class”

Woodworking Tips Cards – Mass Produce Your Work

This woodworking tips card is about how to mass produce your work. This is a little different than just cranking out several projects. The trick here is about making several of something when you know that you will need them in the future. Here is how:

Mass Produce Your Work

woodworking cards mass produce your workAt some point you may have a project that requires parts that take a long time to make. I make guitars, and the parts can take a while. Even though all I need to do is glue a bridge to the guitar, it takes a while to make, shape, and finish that bridge.

The fretboard is another example. Cutting 22-24 slots in perfectly placed locations, one at a time, by hand, is time consuming. All I really need is a fretboard, but there are a lot of steps I have to perform before I can use it.

This is where mass producing your work is a great practice, and it can save you time on your projects. When I started making several fretboards at once, and making several bridges at once, it really changed my flow.

Having parts ready to use is really nice, because you don’t have to stop what you are working on to fabricate something else. Even though it’s all part of the same build, stopping the momentum can have a negative effect. Read more “Woodworking Tips Cards – Mass Produce Your Work”

My Best Woodworking Posts…so far

These are some of my best and post popular woodworking posts so far. I write a lot on my site, and sometimes the best stuff gets pushed down before people have a chance to read and enjoy it. Here is some of my best work all in one place.

My Best Woodworking Posts…so far

My best woodworking postsWoodworking has been a lifelong passion of mine, and the only thing I have ever done consistently for more than a couple years. Woodworking has always been what I return to, even when it’s to advance my other hobbies at the time.

After a very long time, hundreds of projects, and many more interests, I decided to combine my love of writing and my love of woodworking together. My site was born, and I really enjoy sharing my love of woodworking with anyone that cares to read about it.

The following are some of my best and most popular woodworking posts, and they will each show you something that can help you be a better woodworker. They are both my favorites and reader favorites, so please enjoy my best woodworking posts…so far… Read more “My Best Woodworking Posts…so far”

Busy October for Westfarthing Woodworks

With October in full swing, the shop is finally cooling down a bit so that I can spend more time making things. The summer makes the shop really hot, and in Arizona, temperatures of 115 degrees are not uncommon. I’m really excited, because it’s going to be busy.

Busy October and More to Work On

busy october With the cooler weather I will be working on more projects and taking pictures so I can post them here as tutorials. I don’t know exactly what I will be covering yet, but I do have a few good ideas that I think will be a lot of fun.

I hope to spend a lot of time in the shop, and get several projects made so that I can spend the warmer months writing. It’s definitely a seasonal thing, and I try my best to write more when it’s hot. When it cools down, that’s when I transition into being in the shop. The back and forth between the two areas of my work allow me to fully enjoy one aspect and then fully enjoy the next. Read more “Busy October for Westfarthing Woodworks”

Woodworking Tips Cards – Woodworking Safety

This woodworking tips card is about woodworking safety. Sadly, most woodworkers don’t think about safety until something bad happens to them. This is a poor way to deal with woodworking safety, because it may be too late after something happens.

Woodworking Safety

woodworking cards woodworking safetyBeing born deaf in one ear, I understand what it’s like to have your senses reduced. Though I have never heard through both of my ears, it’s difficult to hear in certain situations, and I know that I miss a lot of things.

Seeing the danger in woodworking, it has always been important to me to protect myself in case something unexpected happens. I have made my fair share of mistakes in that time, but thankfully nothing permanent has happened.

Depending on the type of mistake that you make, you might not get many chances to bounce back. My mistakes were minor, and caused minor injuries that healed over time.

If you really hurt yourself, you may never be able to fully enjoy woodworking ever again. You may also have trouble holding a job, finding new employment, or even enjoying things that you used to enjoy with your friends and family. Here is the real reason why safety should be the easiest decision you make, and here is one way to ensure you do it right every time… Read more “Woodworking Tips Cards – Woodworking Safety”

My Best Guitar Making Posts…so far

Here are a few of my best guitar making posts, which are sure to help any new guitar maker get started on the right track. Some of these are pretty old, and others are newer. Since I post several times a week, the good stuff can get lost over time. So, here they are.

My Best Guitar Making Posts…so far

my best guitar making postsThese are some of the best and most popular guitar making posts from my site, in no particular order. Each one can help you accomplish a guitar making goal, and they can get you moving forward on your build.

They range from tips and tricks, to jig builds and helpful advice. They are all easy reads, and give you exactly what you need.

Guitar making is a really enjoyable hobby, and it’s a lot easier than it looks. In the beginning everything seems harder than it really is, and making a guitar is no different.

You are going to learn so much on your first few builds. It’s going to be an amazing experience, and you will certainly make more guitars afterwards. Here are my best and most popular posts, enjoy… Read more “My Best Guitar Making Posts…so far”

Over 300,000 Words Published!

I am happy to share that Westfarthing Woodworks has just passed the 300,000 word mark, and there are no signs of slowing down. I really enjoy helping new woodworkers make better projects, which is why I publish the majority of my woodworking, wood finishing, and guitar making tips, tricks, and tutorials online for free.

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Thank you for visiting Westfarthing Woodworks, and I can’t wait to write my half million word and one million word post when the time comes! It has been a pleasure sharing my love of woodworking with everyone, and I hope to keep doing it for a very long time.

Additional Information About Westfarthing Woodworks

While I publish the overwhelming majority of my woodworking content for free, I also have several books available as well. You can see them on my Available Books Page, and they cover several different woodworking disciplines.

I post several times a week about woodworking, wood finishing, and guitar making. The topics range from tips and tricks, to projects and tutorials. These are a great resource for any beginning woodworker, and can help you make better projects.

Thank you again for making this so much fun, and happy building.

My Woodworking Books

my woodworking booksAs of this posting I have been fortunate enough to write and release five books. My first book is on making acoustic guitars, and has been my most popular work. I also have others on making wooden rings, making kids toys, guitar making tips, and first words for kids. All of these are centered around woodworking.

I have always been interested in writing, and even through school I was always able to write well. Having been a woodworker for a long time, it was only natural that the two loves would combine at some point.

I wrote my books from the perspective that you know very little about the subject…which is why you bought a book. In many books, they tell you to buy fancy equipment or machines, but I do not. My woodworking books help you rely on the tools that you already have. They also focus on inexpensive finishing methods that are easy, and they will help you get closer to your goals. Here they are: Read more “My Woodworking Books”

Woodworking Tips Cards – Restore a Workbench

This woodworking tips card is called Restore a Workbench. This is a great project for any beginning woodworker. Not only do you get a chance to get into the shop and make some dust, but you get to create the foundation of your shop. Here is why this is a great project:

Restore a Workbench

woodworking cards restore a workbenchWhen you restore a workbench or a carpenters bench, you are laying the foundation for your shop. The bench is where you will be spending the majority of your time. If you have a great bench, it can help you produce great work.

There is a certain psychological connection between a woodworker and a good bench. This happens in most people, though there are some that can work on anything. When you restore an old bench, you also get to connect to history.

My bench was my father’s before it was mine. Before it was his, it was his father’s as well. Once my son starts hammering on that bench, it will have seen four generations of my family using the very same carpenters bench. For me, that means more than any new bench, even though making a bench myself does sound like fun.

Laying the foundation for your shop has a lot of benefits for a new woodworker. Not only do you make a great working space for yourself, you learn valuable woodworking skills restoring the bench. Here is how you do it… Read more “Woodworking Tips Cards – Restore a Workbench”