Becoming a Wood Hoarder

Becoming a wood hoarder is a good habit to have. Wood is expensive, and finding things to do with your scraps instead of throwing them away can save you money. These little side projects can also take something useless and turn it into profit.

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wood hoarderI am a wood hoarder, and absolutely proud of that fact. I have never met a scrap that I didn’t save for at least a while, and I rarely throw away anything but the smallest of pieces.

If you are wondering what my shop looks like, it is actually pretty well organized. I am not popping at the seams with wood, and that’s because there is more to hoarding wood than just keeping it.

Hoarding wood by itself is not a sane activity. However, if you make something from the scraps, it can be a profitable activity.

If you are going to keep all your scraps, you need something to make with them. This will largely depend on the size of your drop. If you have large pieces falling to the floor from your projects, you can make something bigger than if the pieces are very small.

wood hoardingI am an acoustic guitar maker primarily, so I tend to have a lot of smaller pieces of exotic wood that hit the floor. It was painful throwing these away, so I saved them for years in a pile until I had to start doing something with them.

After making several small projects from the pieces, like pens, pipe stems, and wands, I still had smaller scraps that needed a project to make them useful. I saw that people were making wooden rings online, and had to give it a try.

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After making hundreds of rings, I had a use for my small scraps. I also had cause to write a woodworking book, which is called Wooden Rings: How To Make Wooden Rings By Hand, and is available on Amazon. I even made My Wedding Ring from wood, but with a titanium band inside for strength.

Not only did these small scraps gain new life as another project, the result of the activity helps fund my new projects. This cycle has allowed me to work on a modest woodworking budget, and still be able to buy tools and materials when needed.

a beginners guide to woodworking helping new woodworkers make better projects woodworking

Take some time to look around at other things you can make with your scraps. This can be any number of different projects. It will give your scraps value, and make you a better woodworker. Making a side project broadens your woodworking ability. It also makes you better at your main project. I discuss the reasons for having a side project here, and it’s an important distraction for every woodworker to have.

If you have any questions on becoming a wood hoarder, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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