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acoustic guitar making bookAcoustic Guitar Making: How to make Tools, Templates, and Jigs is my first book, and it deals with many topics that the new acoustic guitar maker faces when working on their first several instruments. This is not an ABC style book where you start out with a pile of wood and end up with a guitar, but more of a reference volume for many of the challenges that come up along the way.

There are chapters on re-sawing wood, making your own blanks instead of buying them, making your own tools, how adjustments to the guitar affect the sound, and a demonstration of several different easy to apply finishes.

One of the frustrations early on is that the information needed to make a guitar is so spread out.  This book condenses a wide range of useful information into a single 508 page volume that can be used as a companion to any other step by step book.
wooden ring making bookWooden Rings: How To Make Wooden Rings By Hand is my second book, and it showcases one of my other projects that I do alongside acoustic guitar making.  Wooden rings are very beautiful, and they are gaining popularity every day.

This book teaches the beginner who does not have many tools how to make many different types of wooden finger rings.  The emphasis is on using hand tools, though anyone with a few power tools can read through the instructions and use what they have.  This book came after getting dozens and dozens of compliments on my wedding ring, which is a piece of contrast stained Briar with a titanium band inside it.  Instructions and examples of over fifty rings are inside the book, as well as how to make a wooden ring with a metal core.


wooden tools for kidsWooden Tools For Kids is a fun woodworking book where I teach you how to make 20 wooden tools and a farm style tool box for kids. The toys are all modeled after common woodworking tools, and are made with contrasting woods for a great look.

This is a great project for any parent or grandparent who wants to make heirloom toys. Not only do they look very realistic, but they are built to last with doweled joints, and sturdy construction. A set of these tools can become a family treasure over time, and several kids can end up using the same set as they grow up.

I made this exact set for my son, and he loves every single tool. It’s a pleasure to see him play with the tools, and use his imagination. He still uses most of them like a hammer, and pretends that the hand plane is a small car. However, as he grows up and learns what they are for, it may be the start of a lifelong love for woodworking.


100 words for kids100 Words For Kids: Tools This book is very special to me. I wrote it for my son, who is learning how to talk right now. We have several books that teach words like colors, shapes, and animals, and I thought it would be fun to make him a book that would teach him the names of the tools in my shop.

He is still working on other basic words right now, but I can’t wait to start teaching him the about tools and woodworking. It will be nice when he is older, because when I send him to the garage to get the locking pliers, I won’t have to worry about him coming back with the channel locks.

All three titles are available on Amazon by following the links on this page.

Upcoming Books From Westfarthing Woodworks

hardwood fret dotsMy Wooden Tools For kids book has been published now, and I am very excited for the impact that it will have. My next project is to finish up a book that I started a while ago. Shortly after starting the book, my wife and I had our son. My tiny boss has been directing the vast majority of my woodworking projects since then, and the new sheriff in town has changed the way I prioritize my schedule.

Now that things have settled down a little, I am ready to get back into finishing that book and publishing it.

The Tips section of my acoustic guitar making book has generated more emails and conversations than any other section. It seems that people really like tips.

I took that idea and initially I was just going to add more to my existing book and bump up the price a bit. The problem was that I could only add another 120 pages, because the book was already over 500 pages long. There is a 630 page limit on the platform I use, and the tips that I created took up closer to 250 pages all by themselves. I definitely want to share these with everyone, but I also do not want to charge full price as though this is another book.

The solution was to create a new book, but charge a lower price. I see this new book as a continuation or a second volume for the first book. The right thing to do is to charge less for it, and allow people to use them both together to become successful at guitar making.

The tips are broken down into sections that deal with each part of the guitar, as well as finishing and finish repair. The tips are each a few sentences long, and cover many helpful things is a very rapid-fire manner.

Tips are a great way to absorb a lot of information quickly. I love reading tips, because there is always a nugget in there that makes the time well spent. You can really advance your ability and knowledge as a beginner by reading tips, and they will serve you well throughout your woodworking adventure.

I’ll let everyone know on my site when I publish the book, and I hope you enjoy it. If you want to know immediately when it’s available, take a moment to Join the Westfarthing Woodworks Community. I send out emails from time to time about new things on my site, as well as when books are about to publish.

Thank you, and Happy Building!