Are You Paying Too Much For Sandpaper?

Most woodworkers have a palm sander of some type, which takes special sandpaper in some instances.  Many smaller sanders will accept a 1/4 sheet of sandpaper, which is conveniently sold right next to the sanders at the store.  

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Inexpensive 1/4 sheet sandpaper.

These are way overpriced for what you are getting, and for less than half the cost you can buy full sheets of sandpaper and make your own smaller pieces.  These will not be anywhere near the palm sanders, but can typically be found in the paint department.

Tearing sandpaper is very easy, because when folded the backing separates nicely and it can be torn cleanly.  Fold a full sheet of sandpaper in half one way, and tear it into two pieces.  Then, fold each of those pieces long ways and tear them again.  These 1/4 sheets will fit most palm sanders that don’t require adhesive or hook and loop, and it only took two steps to save half the cost.

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What other tricks do you use to save money in the shop?

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