Acoustic Guitar Neck Support

An acoustic guitar neck support holds the headstock end of the neck while the guitar is fitted with bridge pins and strings. This keeps you from having to balance the guitar, and is easy to make in the shop.

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Making a Guitar Neck Support Block

acoustic guitar neck supportAll guitars are going to be a little different. Some bodies are thicker, and some thinner. Some makers use a padded work board while stringing, some use a cloth under the body. For your acoustic guitar neck support, measure the height based on your particular needs.

For mine, the height at the tallest is 5″, and the bottom of the curved support is just over 4″. Make the support from two pieces of 8/4 wood, glued together. Cut the blocks to be about 3-1/2″ square for width and depth, and make the height specific to your needs.

After the block is made, cut a radius in the top with a band saw to support the neck. This can be drawn by hand, or use a can of finish or spray to assist in marking the curve. Once cut out, sand any really rough areas. Afterwards, apply a light coating of glue to the inside of the curve. Press in a layer of 1/8″ thick cork, and allow the piece to completely dry. Lastly, trim the excess with a razor knife, and the support block is ready to use.

The acoustic guitar neck support is made from scraps, with a cork lining to protect the finish on the neck. It is easy to make, and sturdy.

acoustic guitar neck supportI love my acoustic guitar neck support. I used to roll up a towel in the shop and use that to hold the neck, but it would flatten over time and had to be bunched up over and over. This is a solid little block that is sturdy, never moves, and makes the job a lot easier.

If you have several models of guitar, you can always make more of these. Electric guitar makers could use a very short block. Also, makers of very deep bodied guitars can use a taller block. Finally, the beauty is that the neck supports can be made from scraps. Also, a roll of cork has hundreds of uses, so purchase some and keep it handy in the shop. One roll will last a very long time.

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If you have any questions on making an acoustic guitar neck support, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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