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brian forbesMy name is Brian Forbes and I live in Arizona.  I have been a woodworker for over two decades, and over that time I have worked in many different aspects of the craft.

I began my hobby with making an electric guitar when I was a teenager, and have made nearly thirty more instruments since then.  Making wooden rings and making tobacco pipes have also been fun hobbies over the years, as well as making many other things.

I have published four books on woodworking so far, and plan on publishing many more. They cover Acoustic guitar Making, Making Wooden Rings, Making Toy Tools For Kids, and I even wrote a “first words” book that teaches kids the names of 100 different tools. The links so see these can be found under the Available Books tab. I enjoy woodworking and teaching people how to make things with their hands, so writing books was a very natural next step in my woodworking adventure.


I have a wife and a young son. We also have another child on the way. My tiny boss dictates the majority of my woodworking projects, and he loves the things I make for him. I had never imagined doing a book on making kids toys, but after making him a whole set of wooden tools I ended up publishing the book a month ago.

It has been an incredible journey being a father. I get far more satisfaction from making something for him that for anything I have ever given to anyone in my life. The reaction that I get, and the extreme joy that I see on his face when I make him things cannot be put into words. I make him toys all the time, and I love to see him light up when I give him something that I made.

I hope to keep pursuing the work that I want to show on the website and through my books, but my family leads the charge when it comes to my activities. If my son really gets into something, that’s what I will be working on, and that’s what I will be teaching everyone how to make. I have plans for several more books, but if my tiny boss dictates something else, the books will have to take a break until I am done with his new project. After all, I do all of this for him, and he’s the reason I keep on making things and sharing them.

If you have never made something for a child, you are missing out. When you give something to a child, the feeling you get is way more incredible than when you give something to an adult. Children love handmade toys, and they are not afraid to express that gratitude. It has given me so much fulfillment to make things for my son, and that’s why I share the tutorials with my community and in my books. The feeling is amazing, and I hope all of you come to know it one day.

If you have any questions about what you see here, in my books, or about any other aspect of woodworking, please feel free to email me at and I will be sure to answer you.

For those that prefer traditional mail, my business address is:

22424 S. Ellsworth Loop Road, Suite 1967, Queen Creek AZ, 85142

Also, if you were wondering, that handsome guy in the Six Gun Guitars videos is me!  I make far more things than guitars, and have been trying to combine them into one place for a long time.  I finally decided to keep it all here, at

Thank you, and happy building.

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