A Guitar Is Made One Step at a Time

A guitar is made one step at a time. Those should be the most reassuring nine words you have ever read about guitar making. You can make a guitar, because it’s made just like everything else in the world. One step at a time.

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Everything is Made One Step at a Time

A guitar is made one step at a timeNew projects are sometimes scary. They are often filled with more problems, they pace slower than familiar projects, and they seem larger than they really are.

Thankfully, most of these things can be overcome with a little patience.

One of the most common questions I get from woodworkers is whether or not they can build a guitar. In fact I wrote an entire post called You Can Make a Guitar just to address those concerns.

The short answer is yes, and the long answer has more to do with yourself as a woodworker and as someone with a new project. I believe that anyone with this one quality can make a great guitar, and thankfully it requires zero talent to display this quality…

Guitar Makers Need Patience

A guitar is made one step at a time, and a patient guitar maker completes one step at a time before moving forward. The guitar is made up of small steps. There are no big tasks, just a lot of small steps.

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As you complete these steps, you get closer to having a guitar. The temptation is to start rushing, because it can take a while for the first build to be completed. Resist this feeling, and be sure to complete each step as well as you can before moving on.

I also wrote another post called The Secret to Guitar Making, which explains the series of small steps in more detail. It also dispels the myth of the magic bullet, which again makes it easier for you to make a better instrument with confidence.

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Just Like Eating an Elephant

There is a quote from Creighton Abrams that talks about eating an elephant. There are many variations that exist on the internet, but the moral of the story is that an elephant is a big meal, but you eat it one bite at a time just like any other meal.

A guitar is no different. As a new guitar builder, it can seem like eating an elephant. If you just start, and keep on taking small bites, you will eventually finish.

This is the beauty in making a guitar. It’s something that a person with patience and the willingness to stop and learn can accomplish. Start by reading A Few Good Books, and then get your build going. After you are finished, you will be glad you started.

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